Stock Market

Who is A Stock Officer? | Requirements & Tasks of Stock Officer

Stock Market

A Stock officer is a person who receives and dispatch goods, manage stock levels and record stock movement in the live stock company.

A Stock officer and Inventory may perform the following tasks:

  • prepare purchase orders
  • receive, store and issue goods
  • manage stock levels and distribute supplies from stock
  • maintain stock records using manual or computerised systems
  • prepare inventories
  • be responsible for, and check supply invoices against purchase orders
  • prepare reports on adjustments to inventories, spoilt or damaged stock and changes in stock location
  • find sources of supply and obtain quotes from suppliers
  • price incoming goods, estimate the cost of requisitions or value of stock and store articles
  • coordinate purchasing, warehousing and inventory functions
  • get rid of surplus assets and obsolete stock.

Specialisations A Stock officer:

With experience, and sometimes further training, it is possible to become an inventory control manager or supply manager.

Who is A purchasing officer and What is the duty of A purchasing officer?

A purchasing officer plans and schedules the delivery of goods and services for industrial, commercial or government establishments. They contact suppliers to obtain information on price, quality and delivery capabilities for the goods or services required, and meet with sales representatives from the various suppliers to compare their products and companies.

Duty of Inventory officers

Inventory officers normally manage the level of stock held by a company, while supply officers (a more senior position in large companies) are usually responsible for the coordination of purchasing, warehousing and inventory functions.

Personal Requirements of A Stock officer:

  • enjoy clerical and administrative activities
  •  good planning and numeracy skills
  •  a methodical approach to work
  •  good communication skills
  •  aptitude for working with computer systems
  •  able to pay attention to detail.


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