Apply For Scholarships

Why Should I Apply For Scholarships?

Apply For Scholarships

Are you among those asking same question to  know Reasons  “WHY YOU SHOULD APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIPS? We have below possible reasons and benefits why you  should, when such opportunity comes your way. You have heard about scholarships, no doubt about that. But there is a higher chance you have not sat down to ask yourself “why do people apply for scholarships” or rather more personally, “why should I apply for scholarships?“.

Now you are thinking about it. But don’t worry your delicate brain, I’ve done the thinking for you. What are friends for?

Many students have had some phobia when it comes to applying for scholarship. their reasons are varied. Hey! I’m not here to bore you with details. Aside from meeting up with tuition fees, what other reasons should make you apply for scholarships?

Why I should apply for scholarships

1. To pay for your tuition

2. Because it is available

3. Government does not care.

4. You need money for other things.

5. To help your sponsors.

6. To start a business

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  • To Pay For Your Tuition

One major reason students seek for scholarship is to enable them pay their tuition fees in school. What makes one a student is that one pays tuition fees. Given the fact that tuition fees in Nigeria is on the high side, you need to apply for the various available scholarships to enable you pay your fees.

  • Because It Is Available

If scholarships are available, all you need to do is to apply them. The benefactors of the scholarships didn’t announce the scholarship to entice undergraduates. No. The scholarships are there to be applied for and won. So, go for it.

  • Government Does Not Care

Did i just typed this? Yes i did. Government do not care whether you pay your fees or not. They are just contended in opening up the universities and encouraging you (do they do that?) to go to school. But, if government do not care, there are many other organisations and individuals willingly and caring enough to help you achieve your academic dreams and aspirations. What are you still waiting for?

  • You need money for other things

Not everyone who applies for scholarship is unable to pay his or her fees. Admit it. You can collect your fees from your sponsors and still apply for scholarships. Don’t you need extra change for your data subscription, assignments and term papers, you need money for your hair, you dressing, you even need money to move to a luxurious self-con apartment off-camp (i know you are smiling already)etc. Your sponsors won’t give you money for these, and you most likely wouldn’t ask for them. So you need to find means to address them. Apply for that scholarship.

  • To Help Your Sponsors

As your sponsors help you, you need to help them. many of your sponsors may have about 3-5 persons to see through school. This is in addition to the myriads of other pressing needs they would have to attend to. Your applying and winning a scholarship relieves them of a whole lot of burdens. It would also free up space for them to train up your younger ones in school. You want to help them? Apply for that scholarship.

  • To Start A Business

There are many students who have had multiple ideas in their minds but due to lack of capital, there are yet to establish the idea. The scholarship award can support you to start that business you’ve always wanted. It can also help you attend those professional conferences as well as learn those professional programs you’ve always dreamt but had no money for.


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