Why You Should Switch To Instagram Business Profile Right Now

When you sign up Instagram account, then you have two options, a personal account and then a business account. These two comes with two different features. This new Instagram feature was released in 2016. Since then, many business accounts have switched over to the Instagram Business profile. Today, we want to show you the benefits of Instagram Business account you have been missing out on.

The Instagram business profiles comes with lots of features that are not available with the personal account settings. This is why lots of persons are switching from the personal account to the business account. As a matter of fact, if you are not on the Instagram business account, you do not know what you are missing out on. We will show you here.

Benefits Of Instagram Business Profile

Here, we will be showing you the obvious reasons, benefits and importance why you should migrate your Instagram account from a personal to a business account.

1. Access to Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights is a very important feature of the business profile. In fact, it is important to track and measure your activities online. Without these insights, it will be difficult to do so. Instagram Insights provides businesses all of the essential data they need to know about their account and how their posts perform. It helps provide insight into what content works and what doesn’t. It gives you information about your followers to help you build a picture of those who take an interest in you.

It shows you your performance on Instagram over the last week – change in followers, number of posts, impressions, reach, profile views, website clicks, and email clicks. It then gives you detailed demographics of your followers – their gender, ages, locations by cities and countries, and when they are most active. Instagram Insight also lets you a view your historical posts by engagement and impressions over a time period you set, up to two years.

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2. Ability to Add a Contact Button

A useful addition permitted for accounts with a Business Profile is the ability to add a Contact button to your profile. When somebody clicks on the button, you can set so that they can email you, dial a telephone call with you, or provide them with a map showing your location.

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3. Your Industry Will Show on Your Profile

When you created your Facebook page, you were asked to select the industry in which your business operates. So, when you then connect your Instagram Business Profile to your Facebook page, this information crosses to your Instagram profile. You can modify this information directly within Instagram if you need to in the future.

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4. Ability to Add Links to Instagram Stories

One of the most annoying thing about Instagram, from a marketing point of view, is that you generally can’t use clickable links. If you operate a personal profile the only link you can use is one in your profile.

Instagram Stories provides another option, however.  One useful option for some Instagram accounts is the ability to add a URL to your Instagram story. This is particularly valuable when, as reported by Locowise, 75% of Instagram users take an action such as visiting a website, after looking at a post.

The ability to add links to Instagram Stories isn’t available to all businesses, however. You need to have a business profile with 10,000 followers before Instagram gives you access to this feature.

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5. Able to Advertise on Instagram and Make Promoted Posts

If you have the budget to promote your Instagram posts and advertise on the platform, you will need to operate a Business Profile. This is another area where the connection between Facebook and Instagram is obvious. You build your ads on Facebook and choose where you want your ad placed. Instagram is one of the options Facebook gives you – the others are various positions on Facebook and Messenger.

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As you can see, if you have not switched your Instagram account from a personal to a business profile, you are missing out on lots of things. You can afford to miss out on that. If you want to learn how to switch to Instagram business profile, click here and read in full details.

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