Win Free Russia 2018 World Cup Ticket With Glo Go Russia Promo

Do you know you can have an all expense paid trip to the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia? Yes you can Win Free Russia 2018 World Cup Ticket With Glo Go Russia Promo. The Glo Go Promo is a promo by telecom giants Glo. It allows Glo subscribers the chance to win a ticket to the world cup holding in Russia.

The promo will allow 22 Glo subscribers the chance to attend the world cup at Russia. This is a massive opportunity you cannot afford to miss. Let’s show you how you can participate in this promo.

How To Participate In Glo Go Russia Promo

To participate in the Glo Go Russia promo, you simply have to do this below.

  1. Simply SMS “GO” to 240
  2. Use N3,000 on voice calls OR N5,000 on voice calls and Data (within the promo period) to qualify for the lucky draw.
  3. The more you use, the higher chances of winning.

Please note: the “Go Russia Promo” is opened to all Glo customers nationwide and is available to both prepaid and postpaid users. The promo will run from 16th May to 8th July, 2018.

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Some FAQs On Glo Go Russia Promo

1. Who is eligible to enjoy this offer?
All new and existing customers (Prepaid and Postpaid), are eligible to participate in this promo.

2. What are the offer dynamics?
• Customer must indicate interest in the promo by sending a text – ”GO” to 240
• Customers must use N3,000 on voice calls or N5,000 on Data & Voice calls (during the promo period) to qualify for a chance to be one of the 22 to travel to Russia. Additional usage of N500 during the promo period over the threshold of N3000 for voice or N5000 for Data and voice gives an additional entries to the promo draws.
• The more the customer uses, the more the entries and the higher the chances of winning.
• A total of 22 customers will be selected via raffle draws

3. How can I participate in the offer?
• Simply text “GO” to 240 to indicate interest in the promo
• After expressing interest use N3000 for voice calls OR N5000 for Data and Voice which gives you an entry to a draw.
• SMS to Short code 240 is free.

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4. How can I boost my chances of winning?
By making your Glo line the primary means of all your communication needs so you can achieve the qualifying threshold of N3000 usage on voice OR N5000 usage on data and voice. The more you use, the higher your chances of increasing your entries into the promo draws. Every incremental N500 usage is an additional entry to the draw.

5. Can I win more than once?
NO. A customer line can only win during the promo period.

6. Is there any change in customer’s tariff on expressing interest to participate in this promo?
No, the customer will be charged at the same tariff.

7. Can I make Glo to Glo, Glo to others & International Calls to qualify?
Yes, all forms of usages from your Main account qualify you for the promo draws once the promo usage threshold is achieved. You can make Glo to Glo calls, Glo to other networks calls and international calls. You can also purchase voice or IDD packs to make it to the qualifying mark on N3000 for voice only usage.

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8. Can I buy data Packs with recharge & qualify for the offer?
Yes you can buy data packs with the recharges.

9. For how many days will I be in Russia if I emerge a winner?
Three nights & four Days, all expense trip is what you win

10. When is the likely date of the all-expense trip?
Between June and July 2018

11. How will I know if I’ve won?
Winners will be contacted by Glo Customer Care via telephone calls ONLY. Please beware of scammers and fraudsters and report any suspicious messages to the nearest Glo office

Glo Go Russia Promo Terms & Conditions

  • Customer should have a valid passport.
  • The prizes will not be transferable for prepaid customers but Postpaid winner’s prize is transferable.
  • The Russian Embassy reserves the rights to issue or reject Visas to winners. Glo and the winner(s) are bound by the decision of the Embassy. In case of rejection of VISA, the prize is void.
  • Winners have up to 7 working days to confirm their eligibility by way of passports. The prize offers will expire if the customer cannot meet the requirements.
  • All contestants can check their winnings ON Glo website/Glo Café.

Good luck!

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