1. Good day you all at Wishonline shopping. Iam not a new customer on your platform.
    However,i have a challenge. I ordered some goods from you on the following dates and months and up till mthe time of writing to you,i have not received them:
    (1) 10/9/20 ref:5fo961247acobd749a2fc953
    (2) 2/9/20 ref:5f4fe01337bedie91a173b53
    (3) 3/9/20 ref:5f50cae30f31911201d93dc6
    (4) 19/9/20 ref:5f65bf7248bo56897601a241
    (5) 14/1/21 ref: 60005cb97e3674d826dd3ced
    (6) 14/1/21 ref: 60005d8100c61c98b13b949e
    i have re-ordered these items several times but there was no attention given to me.
    Could you guys look into the situation,thanks

    • Hello Joseph,
      Please, note that OnlineDailys.com is not and does not affiliate with the Wish shopping platform, we use this page to review and educate to the public. But notwithstanding, let us know if you were billed/charged for those items. Because if you have been charged without error then you should expect your goods to land at your destination.

      Another thing to also note is that it is not all the time your goods lands at your address, therefore it will be wise of you to visit any post office of that local government of your address – your items should have landed if so confirmed on your Wise.com account.

      Let us know if this helped you.

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