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How To Write A Guest Post On Financial Watch |

Do you know How To Write A Guest Post On Financial Watch? A bring it to your doorsteps this morning. Financial Watch is one of Nigerian major news websites and Newspaper press outfit. They write focus news on finance, employment, investment, economics etc. They know and believe there is something you can offer, and as such, gives you an opportunity to write a guest blog.

How To Write A Guest Post On Financial Watch
How To Write A Guest Post On Financial Watch

The information on the website ( reads “Do you want to write for Financial Watch or have an article you want published? It’s now easy. Post your articles and news stories here your story will be reviewed and published. Report any Financial Crime and Job Recruitment Scams here; help us keep our labour market clean. To submit your post use the send to the email below and indicate your name, email address and website link where necessary”.

How To Write A Guest Post On Financial Watch

We welcome contributors of OP-EDs and Informed Analyses on issues around Nigerian Business and Economy. We will publish such contributions for free, subject to the following conditions:

  • Original, well written, in English, and not exceeding 1,000 words
  • Does not contain offensive, slanderous or indecent material
  • Writer is to supply passport photo, full name, title and Twitter handle
  • Writer will enjoy full credits for materials published, and the materials will be promoted on social media.

Your well researched analysis should be forwarded to Email:

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This is an opportunity to contribute to the society. This is an avenue to have your voice heard. From the confines of your residence, you could write a nation changing Opinion-EDs that is world changing. You can’t know how good you are until you have tried something. Here is your chance!!!


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