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Big Brother Naija takes your commitment so important that is the reason they have given 100 free votes for every eviction week. And it’s not specifically that you must carry out this voting via Desktop computers, No! You can also use your mobile phone with a very little MB you start voting for your Big Brother Naija’s favourite housemate(s) on  www.africamagic.tv/bbvote. But you have to signup using your phone number ONLY.

However, you can even go an extra mile to cast more votes via the SMS platform. But this way will only involve using only your mobile phone. This page will take you through all the available voting steps and platforms.

We have released the same version of this information before now (check here). But we recently came to understand that some people still go through some challenges like not receiving the OTP code SMS, page not opening, a… This page has also covwww.africamagic.tv/bbvoteered possible issues and solutions to them.



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Why did I not get the OTP code?

There are two possible reasons that can cause this issue. The first is when you enter your phone number without the country’s code number first (very compulsory). The Nigeriacode number is “+234” then your number follows. But you have to always exclude the first digit of your phone number whenever you already added a code number.

For instance, if your phone number is 08012345678 or 08123456789, as the case may be, then:

  • This is the right way is this: +2348012345678 or +2348123456789, etc.
  • The wrong way is this: +23408012345678 or +23408123456789

The second reason that can cause this is when your phone number isn’t correctly entered. So, in this case, make sure to check the number and properly before submitting/requesting for  OTP code via SMS.

In addition to this issue, also make sure that the phone number you are providing is valid and can receive an SMS.

Why is the Voting page www.africamagic.tv/bbvote not opening?

This has to do with your network. Make sure that your network is connected and browsing then try accessing the page again, it should open for you.


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Can I use more than one sim to register and still vote for free?

Of course, you can perfectly and comfortably do that. No cause for alarm.

After Exhaust 100 free Vote chances can I request for another?

No, there is no such chance to request after you have used up. But will automatically be credited another 100 free voting in the next week eviction. However, in this situation all you can now at the moment is use the SMS way of voting, besides, the charges are only N10 per SMS.

How do I know my SMS vote is invalid and how to vote correctly?

BBNaija will not notify you when you send an SMS in the wrong format. But if you have not been texting the name of the housemate correctly or typing the name more than once per-voting then consider that as an invalid voting. For instance, ONLINE DAILYS was your favourite, where is the wrong and the right way of voting;

  • The wrong way:  ONLINEDAILYS ONLINEDAILYS ONLINEDAILYS then SMS to 32052. Sorry, you just wasted the N30 therefore, the vote will not be counted.
    Another wrong way: Online (now forgetting the DAILYS) it is also wrong.
    Still on the Wrong way: ONLINE DAILYS is the man. Then SMS to 32052. This is also wrong because only the name of your favourite housemate you should type in the SMS box and must include the word “VOTE” before sending to 32052.
  • The CORRECT/RIGHT way of voting is this: In your SMS area, start my typing  ‘VOTE’ and your favourite housemate’s name then send it to 32052.
    For instance VOTE ONLINE DAILYS then send the message to 32052.
    You can also say;  ‘VOTE’ ONLINE DAILYS. You see that the word vote I added ”


How to Signup for the free voting portal – www.africamagic.tv/bbvote

  1. Visit the official website here
  2. Click on “VOTE”
  3. click on “Register”
  4. Enter your phone number correctly. Since there is already +234 (zip code) then you do not need to include the first digit of your phone number.
  5. Now create a password, of which you will use this password to sign in to vote in future rounds.
    Please note: you can click on the “eye-like” icon to preview your password.
  6. Click on “continue”
  7. You should receive a verification code that should be used just once to verify this registration.
  8. Please Note:
    → You can still request for another code if you don’t receive the SMS sent to you to verify your BBNaija voting account registration.
    → You can as well change the phone number you had put at first if you feel it’s not correct or just a change of choice.
  9. Click the “VERIFY” button.
  10. On this page you should see “Registration Successful”, meaning that you can at any time login your account to vote your favourite housemate once the voting page is open.
  11. You can now click on “VOTE NOW” button to start your free voting.

How do I login With my Mobile or PC to Vote?

Please note that you can always use your mobile to login and create an account, also to vote. All that matters is that you access the right page and navigate in the right direction of the page to do whatever you wish. That is why we have used images and taken our time to explain this information here – so check it out.

  1. You still have to use the same portal – africamagic.dstv.com/bbvote
  2. Then click on “Login”
  3. Enter that phone number You used during the registration
  4. Enter your password that you created
    NOTE: you can click on “FORGET PASSWORD” to get your login password back.
  5. Then click on “SIGN IN” button
  6. You can now see your phone number and other links to start voting.


We hope this page answered all questions and talked about every possible challenge you may have faced in the past? Please note that many are still facing same challenges and they have the interest to vote as well. That is why it is very necessary that you share this page across all social median.

Use our comment box below if you have any question.

Start saving, start voting and let your favourite BBnaija Housemate be the Winner.



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