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www.Gmail.com Sign Up Form | Gmail.com Ng Registration Page

Its true that there are accounts or packages that deserves to be all-through premium just like the GMAIL account and other related online account. Gmail account is own and managed by Google and creating new account is totally free. Believe it or not – Gmail has now become a day-to-day mobile diary that helps both business person and business people on their daily activities.

For instants  – at first www.Gmail.com sign up form gives you access to create new mail account then acquire login details for logging into your mail account anytime and anywhere.

Gmail Inbox –  after creating your account you have an inbox where incoming mails enter for you to read from. incoming mails could possibly come from Yahoo mail, Microsoft Hotmail (also known as Outlook mail), Yandex mail, AOL mail, and so many other mails. This is one of the benefit have Gmail account, because you can receive mails from all other mailing companies (personal or customized or business mail).

In your Gmail inbox mail you should also be able to;

a. compose new mail (creating new mail to send out).

b. to check sent mail history.

c. to check spam and trash box for deletion of unwanted mails.

d. create, save and access draft mails (either mails that are yet to send-out or mails that were saved by you).

e. your personal folders where you may have stored your important information/files/documents.


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As you can see that everyone needs a mail account (including myself cos I have one already), hope you are not asking more questions like what to do with your mail account?

People create new mail accounts on daily bases to use their Gmail address signup for jobs, filling school forms online, store files and median files, sending mails to family, friends and business partner,

Most importantly many external account online also requires mail address while creating new accounts for example; when creating a Facebook account, SKYPE account, Instagram account, App store for mobile and many other online accounts that needs email – You know why? This is because when you lose your login details, you still possibly get your online accounts back/restored because your password or reset new pin password instruction will be sent to your email address. Very important!


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Requirements For Filling Out A www.Gmail.com Sign Up Form Online

The following information about you will be required on Gmail.com Sign Up Form;

  • Your Full name or Business name
  • New Gmail address to register
  • new password (which you have to confirm that its correct)
  • Birthday
  • Gender
  • Phone number
  • Location


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How To Open New Gmail Account

Before starting  If you already have an account and you want to login then click here to do so now. Or continue with the steps below to create free gmail account now.

1.) Log on to www.google.com/gmail/about/  then click “Create New Account” or accounts.google.com/SignUp.

2.) Now the Mail registration form opens, so fill up every information of yours required.

full gmail form page

3.) Click the “Next Step”, after cross checking you have correctly filled your data.

4.) The next page page you see before you is to verify your phone number. Google sends you a verification code (either via calling or SMS). Use the code and verify your Gmail.com registration and click “verify”

5.) Now you just completed your Google account registration. And you are automatically logged In into your account.

Now you can use your account to login to every Google Products and services like Hangout, Google Plus, Youtube, Google Phone App, Play store, etc…


How To Sign Up Gmail With Your Country Phone number (Nigeria Number +234, US +1, etc…

www.Gmail.com signup using Nigeria number (+234) or Pakistan number (+92), US number (+1) or other specific country in question – Google really doesn’t have a separate gmail website for them. Instead on the registration page you have the privilege of selecting which country you are creating account from – reason being that you have to provide a phone number that have to rime with the country code you have selected.  See image below;

Gmail country code

“So, now you see that on www.gmail.com/signup page you can select which country you are creating account from.”


For instants most of you may think that GOOGLE GMAIL site for Nigeria is www.gmail.com.ng. While its a “NO”. Google gmail has only one website address (unlike Yahoo Mail that have several website extension for different countries) to access your mail account irrespective the country you are applying from, the official Gmail site is; “www.gmail.com“.


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Login Mail Account Full Guide

  1. You can use your mobile phone or computer browser to log on to www.gmail.com
  2. Enter your mail address, then click next
  3. enter your password and
  4. click Sign in

Now what your see on your screen should be your gmail inbox mail.

But the process becomes little different when you are using Gmail App to login (or register new mail account) because you have tot download the app (if you are using an iPhone or Windows phone. But as for Android – Gmail App is already on the phone is online for you to tap/open it and enter the following information;

After download or update is successful;

  1. Tap/click on app
  2. click Sign in (or Login)
  3. Enter your mail address, then click next
  4. Enter your password and
  5. click Sign in



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