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Before now, if you are conversant with surfing through any Nigeria Government websites you should have noticed that they all have various websites for different purposes. Also, the nPower is another popular website and one of the MUST visiting websites in Nigeria (once there are activities going on) because it’s a platform that provides JOBs for Nigeria graduates and non-graduates.

This page should be able to enlighten you better how to login nPower and make effective use of the site. This page will also, at the end of it all make you learn how to use your time well whenever you are accessing any N-Power websites.


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So let’s get started right away…

List of All nPower Nigeria Official Websites and Their Purposes

Take your time to go through every information here because it will definitely be useful to your maybe during pre-registration or registration, checking nPower result, empower device sections, check the list of enlisted candidates, Npower support contacts, General News, etc…

  • http://npvn.npower.gov.ng/

npower page 1

This is one of the main websites that contains must vital information, this includes;

→Pre-Selection page: that is successful candidates who have been selected for the job applied for.
→Device support page: here you will find the list of devices, you can select during the registration process.
→Go to support: this is where you find the nPower service care contacts and information to reach to them at all time.

Still, on this page npvn.npower.gov.ng, you should see the FOUR nPower JOB categories (Teach, Health, Agro and Tax), but not an application link, rather it is a page to login into your account for vital modification. Although the becomes available when there is recruitment going on. But once it’s over, clicking on any of them becomes a link for nPower login portal.


npower page 2

This is also another npower official website with a bit different information. But there is still similar information you can as well find here that is also on npvn.npower.gov.ng.

If you want to know the aim and objectives of N-Power Nigeria Programme then the right place to go is the “About Us” Page.

N-Power Programme: it’s another important page to visit. On clicking on the page there are TWO categories which are the “Graduate Category” and the “non-Graduate category”. THose pages explain better what the two categories can achieve on in this programme.

So, therefore, you are applying as a graduate or non-graduate is very important to visit the page that concerns you to learn more before proceeding to the registration page.  By doing this may ensure that you will be selected from the list of successful candidates for the job.

The next important page is the N-Power pre-selection page; as explained before, after the exam, selection of devices, etc… everyone waits till the portal is opened to check for the result and list of successful candidates.


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  • www.npower.gov.ng

Stop confusing yourself. Why said this?

www.npower.gov.ng and portal.npower.gov.ng is 100% the same page. you can either enter the page with any of these links and you still land on the same page.

The only mistake must of you makes is that you go ahead trying to access N-Power Nigeria Programme with www.npower.com, please note from today that www.npower.com is not a Nigeria website and it’s not an empowerment portal either. This is the reason I have taken my time to explain all the nPower Login portals and information websites.

I believe you have learnt from this page today.


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In conclusion

All these pages listed above, you can


How Do You Know The Correct Npower Websites?

There are only THREE Websites and they are listed above.

  • Every N-Power website has an extension of “.gov.ng” in the three domains
  • All npower website has “https”, which is a guarantee of a safe and secure website.
  • All the websites ONLY discuses the N-Power Nigeria Programme. Unlike other related websites that talk generally about every information that comes round.



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