Sample of Download WhatsApp Apk for Windows PC Download New App | Sign Up makes you enjoy every moment to chat, do live-video calling  and share information through it. After WhatsApp was acquired by Mark Zuckerberg ( CEO) so many things improved, this includes; whatsapp web chatting, whatsapp app for PC and video calling. Now it has become one of the most popular social network in the world

Everyday number of users keeps on increasing because its a free and fastest ways of communication with family and friends. One of the most important feature to note is that more than 1 billion people in over 180 countries use WhatsApp to stay in touch anytime and anywhere.

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So many are so confused asking how they could access the registration page and how to do live videos. In the issue of WhatsApp registration – there is really no specific page or portal to create whatsapp account. Maybe that was the reason also new users do not need an email account in order to signup whatsapp or Login either. Use the steps below to create a new whatsapp account freely.


How To Register A New WhatsApp Account

  1. AT first if you do not have the whatsapp app either in your mobile or computer then you have to Download and install the WhatsApp application whether on mobile or computer.
  2. After you have successfully done that, you will be asked for your;
    ⇒ country location – most times the system automatically recognizes where you are at the moment.
    ⇒ mobile number –  insert your mobile number for both mobile or computer installation.
  3. After inserting your mobile number and it accepts it… you are good.
    But in a situation where the phone number you are using is actually not in the phone you are using to signup for new whatsapp account, then a code will be sent to you to verify the phone number.
  4. The WhatsApp will automatically sync your contacts stored on your phone, and if any of your contact are registered with WhatsApp it will show on your favorite list.

And you are done.

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How To Download Latest WhatsApp Version For Mobile and PC

The WhatsApp App is freely available for;

  • iPhone: to download WhatsApp for iPhone visit the App Store.
  • BlackBerry: Download WhatsApp for BlackBerry devices visit your BlackBerry World.
  • Windows Phone: To download whatsapp on windows phones you can visit whatsapp website.
  • Android Devices: Visit the play Store to Download the WhatsApp.

Others devices: Visit website to download the app


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