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Your Yahoo Email Blocked or Deleted? Learn How to Retrieve Your Email Fast

Most of you face a  challenge of having your Yahoo email account blocked or deleted. If you are in this situation then this page will be of benefit to you. To Start with; it is very important to remember your security questions and answers, phone number, date of birth, and other information used during the account registration.

Accounts are not usually blocked. But after 1year without any attempt of logging into the account, when next you want to access the account you have to go through several steps to get the account back.


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Steps to Restore Your Lost Yahoo Email Account

  1. Open the Yahoo! Sign-in Helper page.
  2. Enter your Yahoo! Mail email address or your phone number.
    Tip: You don’t have to include the “@yahoo.com” part of your email address.
  3. Click Continue. Yahoo! Mail’s sign-in helper will now walk you through the options.

If you have a mobile number associated with the account and can access text messages received there:

  1. Click Yes, text me an Account Key under Do you have access to this phone?. If you’re unable to receive or see text messages at that number, make sure you choose I don’t have access to this phone so you get other options for resetting your forgotten Yahoo! Mail password.
  2. You’ll receive an account key by text within a couple minutes. Enter it under Verify that you have this phone.
  3. Click Verify.

If you have a secondary email address associated with your Yahoo!

Mail account:

  1. Click Yes, send me an Account Key under Do you have access to this email?. If you suspect somebody may be reading your email or if you cannot receive messages at the address anymore, click I don’t have access to this email instead.
  2. Type the account key you got by email under Verify that you have access to this email.
  3. Click Verify.

But to be frank with you, if you do not associate the lost account in question with another email or no mobile phone linked with the account then and you don’t know your password, then the possibility of getting this account might never be successful.


If none of these steps above helped you getting back your email the You can try posting about your situation to the Yahoo! Help Community, where Yahoo! employees gather information:

  1. Visit this Yahoo! Help Community Password and sign-in forum.
  2. Read this post about recovering passwords for individual accounts.
  3. You can post to the Password and sign-in forum to add your feedback. You may have to create a Yahoo! Help Community account to post.

Please make sure never to expose your account information. Yahoo! Help Community is a public place.




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