1. have been trying to retrieve my yahoo account and yahoo question has not been useful.I need my account back thanks

  2. I do not want yahoo mail I want what I had before.

  3. i have a friend whose account is blocked and yet your customer care is not going through. please help its argent

    • what do you want???? So that I will know how to answer you.
      Hope to hear from you soon.

  4. I asked to sighn up not to log in you dumb ads holes

  5. I cannot access my email account . Please answer why I lost it.

  6. dear yahoo

    I am having a problem with accessing my yahoo account i forgot my password and my security question . please help

    thank you
    charity motubane.

  7. If you wish to be signing in to your yahoo account automatically all you have to do is to check the save user ID before clicking the sign in button

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