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There is an abundance of free email service to select from, these free email providers allowers users to sign up for free. provide free storage space, account management and more. Yahoo Mail is one of the top email services.

Like Gmail, Outlook, Yandex mail and more, Yahoo Mail also provides the same. But offers even more storage space than other mailing services, giving a 1TB storage space.

Once you’re a registered user, you can access yahoo finance, yahoo films, Yahoo music, sports, global news and more.

Also, you can send & receive emails from other mailing providers. Which means you can receive and send emails to your friends and families using Gmail, Outlook, Yandex mail, AOL mail and more.

Managing other mailing account whether the same or from different mailing providers. With the latest Yahoo account, you can manage and access all your mails in one place.

This page will guide you from start to finish on how to log in to your Yahoo mail using Web and mobile app. But in case you haven’t signed Up for a Free Yahoo mail account then – CLICK HERE to do so now!

What you need to Sign In on Yahoo Account

Username: Without the “” becomes your Yahoo Username or user ID. For example, if your Yahoo mail address is, then not including the is your userID.

Email Address: Just as explained above, the complete address which you have selected during new Yahoo account registration – that’s your email address to always log in with on any Yahoo account.

Phone number: This as to be the phone number used already to create your account. meaning that the phone number must be associated (attached) with your yahoo account and verified too; before you can use it as a Yahoo login crediencias.

Password: Of course, every online account has a password or a pass code to secure the account. Yahoo is likewise.

You need either the username, email address or phone number to login. Anyone of those information can gain you access whenever you want to login.

Yahoo Mail Sign In

Accessing your account can never be stressful since Yahoo made it so easy; allows you login to your account across any device.

The Yahoo mail login form still requires the same details ( your yahoo ID and password) to sign in to your account through mobile or web.

Your messages, information, profiles remains the same acroass all the devices you access your account.

Logging in Yahoo Mail account through an App

Create Yahoo Account Using Mobile Phone

Yahoo mail app allows you to do just everything that can be done when you access your account on the web. Downloading the is fast and easy.

Click the button below to visit the Yahoo mail mobile App download page;

After downloading the app, launch it, then tap on the yahoo mail logo to open the main Yahoo mail sign in form.

Yahoo Messenger download 3

Enter your full Yahoo mail address and click the “NEXT”.

Enter your password and click the Sign in button to access your account.

Logging In Yahoo Account Via Web

yahoo mail sign in account web image
  1. Go to
  2. Enter either your Yahoo username or phone number or email address, then click on the “Next” button.
  3. Enter your password and click on the Sign In to gain access into your online email account.

Although, in some cases you might have more steps to complete brfore you will completely gain access to your Yahoo email account, those posible extra login messures have been explained below.

Yahoo Login Security Check

Yahoo is fund of the security checkmate, to ensure that the right person is access ing the account.

It usually happens if;

  • its been a while you logged into your Yahoo account
  • your Yahoo account is logged in another device and on the Web already
  • you’re trying to log in your yahoo account on this device for the first time.
  • you’re logging in to your account with a web browser for the first time.
  • yahoo suspects malicious steps by someone trying to have access into your account


You can see that logging in is quite easy, espicially having the freedom to access your account through any devices. The experence and features remains the same irrespective of the screen size.

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