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Yahoo Mail Sign Up Nigeria (+234) – www.YahooMail.com Registration

Opening a Nigeria yahoo mail new account has become a regular search on our website and we have decided to show full guide on Yahoo Mail Sign Up Nigeria (+234). But note that its still the same www.YahooMail.com Registration process. All you have to do is follow the steps below.

Yahoo Mail Nigeria logo

Do not get your self confused when you say you want to create a Nigeria Yahoo mail account because it’s all the same process as creating normal email account.

The only thing that will differ is at the point of selecting your location and entering your mobile phone number because the country code will have to start with +234 (and a Green-white-Green Nigeria flag by the side).

Requirements for Yahoo Mail Sign Up Nigeria (+234)

  • Your Full name
  • New email address – this email could be for example; emma@yahoo.com, or emma123@yahoo.com, or emma.news@yahoo.com… etc. After your yahoo mail registration this will be the email address you should send to family and friends who want to send you an email message. Also that is the same email account you should using while creating or applying for an online jobs or online web account.
  • Phone number

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How to Register Nigeria Yahoo Mail Account

Please note that you can either use your mobile phone to create this account (click here to learn how to use mobile create an account), or use a computer if you have one. all are the same steps.

So lets get started…

Step 1: Use your phone or mobile browser and log on to www.yahoomail.com.
Step 2: Since you are creating a fresh account click on “Sign Up”.
Step 3: Fill up the Yahoo Mail account registration form. The following are needed of you to fill in the box:

  • Your name
  • The new email address you would want to use. But in some cases whereby the email you wanted is not available, then Yahoo! will present to you list of email address alternatives.
    Also in some cases If you already have a gmail account on Gmail.com, or Hotmail, or Yandex, or Outlook, etc and you still want that same mail to be your yahoo mail address then you have to click on the link be that says; “I’d rather use my own email address“,Image: open new yahoo with gmail
    This will open a new page where you have to enter your current email account. Than that means you have to visit that mail to verify your yahoo mail registration. Another thing you will observe is that you will not be required to provide phone number or country code.

    But when you are creating a fresh Yahoo Mail Sign Up Nigeria (+234) account (you don’t have to click “I’d rather use my own email address”), you are going to see in the form there to select your country code to Nigeria and also enter your phone number. Image:  Fresh yahoo mail sign up nigeria
    And you do not need to put the +234 Nigeria code anymore because by selecting “Nigeria” Yahoo has the country code, and will automatically appear. So enter your phone number with; 080… 0r 081…, or 090… just your phone number

  • Use/click the drop-bar and select the month you where born, then use your keyboard/type the day and Year.
  • select your gender; either male or female. Or you rather prefer not selecting and of it and proceed.

Step 4: Review your information and make sure its all correct then Click the “Continue” button.
Step 5: Now a new page should open where you have to verify phone number. Click on “Test Me An Account Key”.
Image: Yahoo mail verify phone number
Afterward, another page opens to enter the code sent to you via SMS. SO now check your phone SMS and enter the key/code sent to you just the way it is.
Image Yahoo mail verify phone number 2

Step 6: Once you enter the code correctly then click on “Verify”.

Congratulations… you just finished signup for Nigeria Yahoo Mail account.

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To Login Yahoo Account

Now, from this moment you can always use visit www.yahoomail.com, enter your email address and click next, then enter your password and click Sign In.



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