Yahoo Mail Sign Up for a New Email Account – Sign Up from Mobile App & Web

When mentioning free means of effective communication without a doubt, emails come to everyone’s mind. To those who are “Tech-wise”, though.

It was recorded that there are over 3.9 billion daily active email users around the world. for sending and receiving information sure as files, for storage, etc.

Individuals and Organizations have significant purposes for using Email. And without letting go, Yahoo Mail is one of the most popular webmail services.

Depending on your need, you can either create a personal (which is free) or a business Yahoo! email account (paid for businesses). The yahoo business email account plan starts for as low as $1.19 per month, allowing you to set up a professional email address.

Why You Should Prefer Yahoo Mail to Other Free Email Service Provides

Yahoo mail is one of the best free email services with lots of benefits – that is why they remain used and re-used. There are reasons you will always want to keep using Yahoo mail service.

1. Free Storage

Yahoo Email offers more storage than every other free email service providers around the web. Not al; Your storage files are saved for as much as you want it. Also, you can always select any files you think it’s useless at a point. Below is the top free email services wit their storage capacities.

Free Email ServicesFree Storage Allocation
Gmail (by Google)15GB
Outlook Mail (Microsoft)15GB
Zoho Mail 5GB
AOLUnlimited Storage
iCloud mail5GB
Yahoo mail1TB
Yandex Mail10GB

2. Design And User Interface

Yahoo mail provides a clear and simple-to-use design, making everything easy to find and use inside the email account.

For example, there is a separate portion of the email to see where all your photos, documents – that could be in form of PDF, Word, Zip files, etc, Subscriptions, Deals, recipes, travel, etc – are stored. You won’t have to scramble all round in search of any information you had already saved in your Yahoo email inbox.

3. Security and Spam Removal

This is once of the most important aspect of webmails – the ability to detect spam messages and send them to the appropriate spam folder so that you won’t have to bother wasting time on irrelevant email.

In as much you have done your part in securing your email account, Yahoo covers you for the rest. It protects your account from agaist malisious hackers and their software/bots.

4. No Advertisements Disturbance

Don’t be surprised to see Advertisements on your Yahoo! inbox account when you login. In as much that you are using the free Yahoo email ads are displaced.

Ads on Yahoo Mail are mostly images and often appear on a vertical banner ad on the right side of your screen, along with small sponsored ads below the folders on your left side.

5. Managing Other Email Accounts

You don’t have to keep logging into your other email accounts especially while using mobile apps. Yahoo allows you to manage every other webmail accounts in one place.

That is; you can receive, send and view/read emails from one place. While other email services and has the same features anyways. But if Yahoo mail is your first choice of free email service then its proper managing other emails from one email account, irrespective of the email provider.

6. Higher File Uploading Limit

Unlike other email services, Yahoo allows a max 25 MB in size. However, once your account is upgraded, increase the size for attachments to two GB if you pay for a Yahoo Mail Plus account.

7. Easy and Fast Accessibility

The Yahoo Mail web page is fast and easily accessible on mobile and desktop browsers.

Also using the official Yahoo Mail Mobile app makes you stay connected and updated. That means no message will pass over again without you knowing

Quick Yahoo Mail Sign Up for a New Email Account Guide

The steps below will show complete guide on how to sign up for yahoo mail account.

You may be using the decide to use your Mobile Phone browser or computer browser, or the Yahoo mobile app – NOTE that the Yahoo mail registration, requirements and steps still remains the same, only the interface may varies due to phone version.

So lets jump in;

Creating New Yahoo Mail via Web

First, open a new browser tab, type in or click here to get into the web page now.

Click on the “Create an account” to see the Yahoo mail registration form.

Then you have TWO options to either signup with an already existing email address or create a fresh email address.

Creating Yahoo email account with an existing email address: You can select this option if you don’t want to create an email that will be In other words, you can use other existing email accounts you have; like Gmail, Outlook, Yandex mail, etc to sign up for a new yahoo email account.

This implies that after creating the account with other email service and have verified the email, then you can always use the email address (e.g to log into the new Yahoo mail account.

Creating an account using this options needs you to only provide your full name, then enter that existing email you have; Yahoo will send a verification code or link to verify that you’re using an existing email for the new Yahoo Mail Sign Up.

Below the box to enter email address, click on the “I want to use my current email address”

Creating with a fresh email address: this part lets you create a new email. Your full name, choosing a new email address, date of birth, phone number, and gender is required.

Furthermore, the phone number will need to be verified – using the code Yahoo will be sending via SMS.

We have created a completed guide (with pictures) to help you get through this process. Visit the page here.

Creating a new Yahoo Mail Account via Mobile App

The first step is downloading the Yahoo Mail official mobile app. then launch the app and click on “Create an account” – you’ll definitely see the same form and requirements as explained for Yahoo Mail Sign Up via the web.

However, we have also created a separate page to guide you to achieve this, starting from downloading the app to creating and finishing the account creation process. Learn more here.


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