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Yahoo MailBox Account Verification Process – See how to Answer to them

The account verification process helps securing your account. This means people can’t have access into your account, it also means you have full control of your account when and how to access it.

Though this verification usually occurs if your account is just logging in from a computer for the first time or if its been a while you accessed your account.

But these wonderful feature keep becoming challenges to many, some even end up losing their account cos they where unable to access the account.



How to Fill the Yahoo MailBox Account Verification Process


  1. Typing The Missing Digits

This is one of the first steps to pass in order to access your email account. From the image below, you should see that there are only 2-missing digits and you know it so you have to provide it to pass this stage.

Yahoo Verification 1

Take for instance your phone number is 08123496751. Yahoo will star/hide five digits leaving the first 2 and last two digits to be visible.

For instance; 08** **** _ _ 51

so now you have only two digits to type in. from the sample above our missing number here is “67”.

Once you have entered that missing number/digits, click the submit to move to the next step of yahoo types of email account verification.

You may furthr ask, what happens if you don’t have the phone number anymore or you don’t even know the missing digits.

In this scenario two things happen:

(a) You should either have other recovering methods like alternative email, security questions and answers, etc..

Once you have any of this information on your account, then you can use them, when you click on “No, I don’t Have the digits” So Yahoo will be able to pop up another alternative you have on your account as another means of verification before gaining access into the account.

(b) In a situation where you don’t have other recovery methods (that is the alternative way to access) and you don’t know your phone number, it will definitely pop up a message that you can’t access the account because there is  no recovery information in place in your account.

2. Receiving An SMS Containing the Key/ Verification Code

yahoo email verification form 2

This is also anothr verification process to cmplete. This stege confirms your phon number is correct and you are ready to receive the key to open your account.

At this time it is necessary your phone is close to you to get the key.

Once the key is sent, a new page opens for you to enter the key as sent to you by Yahoo.

3.Using Mobile Phone key to Login Yahoo Web Site

Yahoo MailBox Account Verification Process - See how to Answer to them 1

 This method lets you use your mobile phone instead of a password to sign in. Once enabled, Yahoo sends a notification to the mobile device of your choice.

You can approve access with a tap on your phone, so no one else can get into your account.

However, those are also methods to Login Yahoo Account without Password.

hope this page was helpful? Feel free using the comment box in case of any question relates to this page topic.


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