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Yahoo Sign Up Malaysia Registration Form | Malaysia.Yahoo.com Login

Yahoo Sign Up Malaysia Registration Form is the same registration page but precise for new users to create an account. This time the registration form is only for users who currently living in Malaysia.

The requirements to register for new yahoo email account remains the same, but what differs is the box to enter your phone number. Already by default, you should have the Yahoo Malaysia’s country code (+60) on the form.

How to Access Yahoo Sign up Malaysia Registration Page

You can either use your mobile, tablets and desktop to access the page. it’s simple and easy to navigate on the page. However, from the procedures below is how to create your account fast.

What You Need To Create A New Yahoo Malaysia Email Account

The form remains the same. But your phone number MUST have been a Malaysia number to get your verification code and complete your registration.  Sometimes you may want to open this account without the phone number. But the implication of doing this is that when getting your account back (in case of retrieving your Yahoo email password) – will become impossible.

Image: Yahoo Sign Up Malaysia Registration Form

Image: Yahoo Sign Up Malaysia Registration Form


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How to register Yahoo Email Malaysia account

1. Access Malaysia new yahoo account official page click here.

2. Complete the registration form. Then on getting to the phone number box, make sure the country code is +60 (Malaysia) then enter your mobile phone number correctly.

3. click on “Continue” and confirm that the phone number you entered is correct for the last time. Then request a code.

3. Verification will be SMS to your phone, use the phone to complete your registration process.

4. Now you are automatically log into your Yahoo email account. Congratulations!


Alternatively, to make your registration and login faster and even more easily you need to download the Yahoo Mail App for Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry phones. Click here to download Yahoo App for your mobile.

Login Yahoo Account – Malaysia.Yahoo.com

But if you decide to also login to the official website then visit Malaysia.Yahoo.com/login here now. Then enter your email address –> click on “Next” –> enter your password –> then click on “Sign In”.



With this account you can send and receive email from all other yahoo mail (regardless the country), from other email services like Gmail, Hotmail, AOL mail, Outlook, Yandex mail, etc..

You also have a free strorage space to keep your files save and accessable anytime, anywhere accrose any kind of devices.




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