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Ymail +234 Sign Up – Ymail Account Registration | Ymail.com Log In

We have got so many reactions from ols and new Yahoo email users trying to access their email account with the keyword “Ymail“. Ymail is a possible ending (domain) for an email address from Yahoo. Yahoo introduced ymail as an option and alternative to a Yahoo email address in June 2008. But later run Yahoo stopped it.


Can I Create a Ymail Account?

The Ymail is an old fashion email extension. That doesn’t mean the Ymail extension doesn’t work, But Yahoo made it clear that If your ID is johnsmith75, sign in with “johnsmith75@ymail.com” or “johnsmith75@rocketmail.com”.


Therefore, if you want to login your account then visit www.yahoomail.com.

But if your intention is to create a new email account on Yahoo email, then you will be using the steps below. But note that you can’t select @Ymail.com or @Rocketmail.com ad email extension again. The ONLY available extension is “@yahoo.com


How to Create Yahoo Account with Nigeria Number “+234”

How to create Email account with Nigeria Number is so simple, therefore you shouldn’t get confused.

  1. If you are creating A yahoo email account using a mobile phone or PC (not Yahoo App) visit www.yahoomail.com or www.yahoomail.co.uk. They are all English version of Yahoo Page.
  2. The link above is a Yahoo Login Page. But you want to create a new account, therefore you should click on a link below that says; “Don’t have an account? Sign Up”Ymail +234 Sign Up - Ymail Account Registration | Ymail.com Log In 1
  3. Now the main Yahoo account registration form should open right away at this point. Already you should know that your Full name, new email (you want to register) which also savers as your user ID on any other platforms own by Yahoo. Having known what to enter (your name, DOB, phone number, email, gender). This is where most of you get it wrong “The Phone number” section. You want to open yahoo account with Nigeria number then that means you have to Use the drop-down menu and scroll to letter “N” then you should see “Nigeria” with a country code “+234” select it. Once you have done this then you are creating a yahoo email account with Nigeria number. PLEASE NOTE: This option applies when you are creating a new Yahoo email account (NOT using your own email).See image below;

    Yahoo ng form nigeria number

  4. Click on “Continue” to move to the next level of this registration. By clicking the continue button, you agree with YAHOO terms and condition
  5. This page will be the “YAHOO VERIFICATION PAGE“.  But before the code is sent to you, You will be asked to confirm that the phone number or email you provided is correct before you proceed to request the Yahoo verification code.» If you have used a Nigeria Phone number to sign up – then a verification message will be sent to that phone number via an SMS. Already Yahoo provides you with a box to enter the code.» If you used your own email address (not creating new yahoo email) then the verification code will be sent to that email you used. You are also expected to use the code and verify your Yahoo registration.
  6. Once you have confirmed your Yahoo registration using the code provided to you, then Congratulations! because you have just succeeded in creating Yahoo email account with and without Nigerian Phone number.



How To Change Yahoo Mail Country Language & Location | Edit Yahoo Account

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