YooMoney (Yandex) Wallet Account Registration | Login YooMoney to Create Virtual Cards

Creating wallets and virtual cards is no more a trending gist for most people. There are more advance feature coming on board which YooMoney as put in place to become outstanding.

YooMoney is an online payment platform for individual and businesses to use accepting online and offline payments with a fast onboarding process and modern API. They ard branded as ЮMoney, formerly known as Yandex.Money, is Russia’s second-largest electronic payment service after “Sberbank Online” according to a 2020 research by Mediascope.

It provides the most convenient methods of transaction, whether it’s bank cards, e-money, online banking, or payments from smartphones. Their services allow you to integrate it into chats and mobile apps and use it for complying with Federal Law 54-FZ.

YooMoney allows you to create varieties of cards like Master card and Visa card. It also allows you to create both Plastic and the virtual card which both are acceptable around the world for all purposes. You can edit and customize your card to any name. This is why it is tagged that YooMoney Wallet allows users to create unlimited cards.

How YooMoney Money Works

You must be a registered member to start using YooMoney for any kind of tracsaction, whether for business or individual.

After creating the account, you can start accepting money and sending money even as Anonymous users. Anonymous users are users who haven’t submitted their documents for verification of personal identification. Such account/person is limited to how much to receive and send out in YooMoney Wallet.

Check out the “transactions fee and limitation” for more information.

Transactions Fee and Limitation

There are several channels to carry out transactions with YooMoney and each transaction has its limit and charges.

American Express, Diners Club:

The customer can pay a maximum amount of 250,000 ₽ per transaction, and 500,000 ₽ per month with a bank card.

E-money (YooMoney):

Identified users
Up to 250,000 ₽ per transaction, 600,000 ₽ per day, 3 mln ₽ per month.

Reviewed users
Up to 60,000 ₽ per transaction, 300,000 ₽ per day, 1 mln ₽ per month.

Anonymous users
Up to 15,000 ₽ per transaction, 300,000 ₽ per day, 500,000 ₽ per month.

Bank cards (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Mir, JCB):

The customer can pay a maximum amount of 250,000 ₽ per transaction, and 500,000 ₽ per month with a bank card.

Apple Pay and Google Pay:

Contactless payments from smartphones. The limits are the same as with bank card payments.


Up to 60,000 ₽ per transaction, up to 15,000 ₽ if payment is made in favor of a charity.

You can check out for full details of YooMoney fee here.

YooMoney (Yandex) Wallet Account Registration

There are stages to pass in order to complete YooMoney (Yandex) wallet account registration. This stages includes,

  • Filling of Personal details
  • Phone number verification
  • Email address verification
  • Submission of document for to lift account limit

We have covered the stages using images to illustrate better. You’re expected to follow the steps and create your own YooMoney (Yandex) wallet account and start receiving and sending money, including using your YooMoney wallet to make purchases online.

Filling of personal details on YooMoney New account form

Download YooMoney Wallet app: The app is available on the Android and iOS mobile store.

  1. Launch the app after the download and installation process is complete.
  2. Then click on create a wallet.
YooMoney (Yandex) Wallet account registration image
  1. Fill out the YooMoney (Yandex) wallet account registration form.
    Note that in the process of filling in the details, your phone number and email address will be verified.

    If you’re not from Russia or other supporting countries, then simply click on “Different country” then select your country and enter your phone number.
yoomoney yandex money phone number verification
  1. A verification will be SMS to your phone number to input in the YooMoney registration form.

  1. Then enter your email address. and click the toggle on if you want to be getting news, discounts and surveys – this is optional.

    A code will also be sent to your email address to verify that email address.
yoomoney verification code
  1. Then create your YooMoney Login Password. Ensure that your password includes at least 8 characters, upper and lower case, and numbers. To make your password strong. Learn more about creating a strong password here.
yandex yoomony pass code creation

You just completed the YooMoney (Yandex) Wallet account registration process.

But still not done yet.

  1. Selection of Theme: You can decide to select a better theme to customize your YooMoney wallet or skip this part (to continue later).
  2. Select the first-three buttons you want to see on your main screen when you log in. By default, Transfer, Mobile and Utilities are pre-setted already.
  3. Create access code: Access code is that 4-digit code you use to login. SO select any four-digit code to use as your access code. You will be asked to repeat the same code before final submission.

AT this point your account or you are regarded as an “Anonymous user” You can start transaction but with a limited amount.

However, you can upgrade your account right away. Once your account is upgraded the limit on storing money will be increased, you’ll be able to transfer money to other people and pay worldwide.

yoomoney confirm your identity

You will be requested to fallout some details and document to submit for YooMoney to upgrade your account. Remember that even as an “Anonymous user” you can start using YooMoney Wallet.

Use the above link to download YooMoney mobile app and commence with the sign up stage.

YooMoney Wallet Account Login

yoomoney login account

You can always access your YooMoney wallet using your 4-digit access code and if your mobile phone also has other security features such as a figure print scanner, eye scanner, etc. and you’ve enabled it as a login method in your YooMoney Wallet – that can also be a possible way to log in.

Launch your app and enter your access code or other means you enabled to login with – and you will be right into your account in no time.

Create An Instant Virtual or Plastic Cards

YooMoney allows you to create either Virtual or Plastic Cards. You can also create either a Master Card or a Visa card. This is just the freedom to own cards that allows you to make online payments, people can end money into your account and so on.

As for the Plastic card, is not free. You have to fund your account to get the plastic card created and it will be shipped to your location so you can use it across any ATM in the world.

YooMoney card creating

The steps below shows how to create either the Plastic or the Virtual card for you or your business.

  1. Log in, using the steps above,
  2. Then tap on the “cards” menu
  3. Select the type of card that you want to create whether Virtual or Plastic Cards. And select the theme or design you want your card to belike (optional).
  4. Select the type of card and proceed for YooMony to create your card instantly.
  5. Your card has been created now, however, you can further customize the card by changing the name and logo.

Now fund your card and start using it or start accepting payments from customers from around the world.

What we don’t like about YooMoney

The only negative part of them is that their site and apps are written in Russia which to a little extent are translated to any language of your choice.

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