YouWin Fund Successful Stories so far


Am presenting the YouWin Fund Successful Stories which happened recently so that you also can  believe that your YouWin Application can become a successful  story to tell others Young Nigerians.

Here are YouWin Fund Successful Stories so far:

  • Anyanyo Ozioma

YouWin Anyanyo OziomaI am Anyanyo Ozioma Grace, the Director of Favourble Standard Concept, and the Producer of Recreziontv show which runs Mondays 3.30pm on Silverbird Television. I started business after my youth service – 2010. My programme was on air but was not gaining viewership, because of financial constraint, which hindered my ability of acquiring enough airtime. Thank God for YouWiN! that came up and I emerged a winner. With YouWiN! funds, I was able to air several of my programmes on Television stations across the country, which in turn attracted viewers and advertisers to my business.

Presently, my staff strength is thirteen and counting as my business continues to grow daily. I have also been able to become a disciplined Entrepreneur aimed at achieving goals and success. YouWiN! has really made my dream as a seasoned producer come true and also impacted positively in the lives of several youths.

Thanks YouWiN!


YouWin SAEEDThe YouWiN! Program made my dream come true FASTER.

I am grateful to God and to the Federal Government for this life-changing initiative. Right from the initial business plan competition and the well-structured business training/clinics organized, I learned so much. Most of these things would have taken years and money to learn, but it was given to us free. Through the competition, I began to see business and job creation in a different light. I also appreciated the dynamics of entrepreneurship and profitably building a business from scratch.

I have always nursed the dream to change the landscape of private dental practice and the healthcare industry in Nigeria; I always knew things could be done better. This guided me in coming up with a winning business plan to start up a one-stop dental center (dental products/accessories and dental clinic/services), with a future plan to expand to major cities in Nigeria and the Sub-Saharan region. This innovation is bound to be Nigeria’s 1st version of Corporate Dentistry in the Healthcare industry. It was going to cost money, but it could be done.

The boot camps organized by the School for Startups were extraordinary and helped me see more clearly the potential pitfalls and how to overcome the challenges in running a business of this magnitude. The support and mentorship program put in place also made the YouWiN! program a complete and all-round initiative for startups and existing businesses.

Saeed Thanks to the YouWiN! Grant, a dream that could have taken years of savings and loans (with interest) was made a reality just within one year. With the Grant award, I have been able to start up our pilot center comprising of a fully equipped, standard and modern dental clinic with competent/qualified staff delivering excellent services in line with global standards. Through this, I have been able to provide employment for several young people and potential for more in future.

Saeed The Grant made my dream come true faster than I expected and it has formed a foundation upon which I can build my business and vision for a unique innovation in corporate dentistry, not only in Nigeria but globally.


YouWin NISSILorenissi Creche and Preschool is a child learning centre that provides a comfortable and healthy environment for kids between the ages of 3 months and 2 years. A few years ago, Nissi managed a daycare centre but was constrained by lack of funds and was forced to close down. With the advent of the YouWiN! program, she remained faithful to her passion and re-established a crèche in Calabar, Cross River state, where she can be actively involved in the physical and mental development of children. Lorenissi also provides after school care for children under the age of 15 years where they can get extra tuition. Nissi used her grant funds to provide space to accommodate her daycare and pre-school activities. She currently has 7 employees and is looking to recruit a nurse so she may provide the best care for the children at her daycare.

Lorenissi Creche and Preschool

Nissi Oluseyi-Oden Ibiang



YouWin ADEWUNMIMy name is Adewunmi Olasunbo Dominic; from Ifedore Local Government,Ondo state.

I started ICT business back in 2005 while still in my second year of my University education and have been struggling all through because I had a whole lot of ideas in me but little or no funds to turn it into reality.

I was later posted to Gombe state where I entered a joint partnership to startup a computer school. Things were difficult but we kept faith believing that one day; we will have our breakthrough. When the opportunity of YouWiN! came along, I wasn’t too keen at first but decided to take a shot at it.

So when the winners list for the first edition came out and I spotted my name, I knew it was dream come through. I planned diligently and made positive use of all resources extended to me by the Federal Government through the YouWiN! program. I deprived myself of a lot of things and today the story has changed with our company succeeding in the following arm and staff strength of 15 full staffs

ICT Institute ( The only Privately owned Accredited Institute in Gombe and its environ with about 8000 Graduate to its Credit. Also duly accredited by CPN.
Ecommerce Site ( Which has covered most geo-political zones in Nigeria making it the fastest Growing Ecommerce site in the North east region.
Bulk & Voice Messaging ( Which has maintained the lead in bulk messaging in the Northeast with over 70,000 subscriber base.
Our various services include CCTV installation, ISP, Network architecture, system maintenance e.t.c.
In sales we have a bookstore, Computer shop and a cafeteria which, is among the best in Gombe State.
PRINT PRESS: – with our Graphic experts on Ground, SGV stands among the best in graphic printing within the state.
Cyber Café :- Our café runs both normal services and business center which has been one the major backbone of the company since inception

Thank You President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

Thank you Federal Ministry of Finance

Thank you YouWiN!

God Bless Nigeria!!!

Adewunmi olasunbo dominic (b.eng, mcpn, mncs, mitan)



  YouWin ABDULMALIKAbubakar is an animal farmer and also one of the beneficiaries of the YouWiN! grant. He started off rearing chickens and growing vegetables for sale which made him decent income. With his wide knowledge of animal farming, Abdulmalik saw the YouWiN! program as an opportunity to grow his business.

He used his grant to acquire space in order to rear chickens, catfish, grass cutters, rabbits and snails. He presently rears only chickens but in the process of acquiring more animals. Abdulmalik supplies his major food outlets in his community and has a total of 7 permanent and 2 casual staffs.

Abdulmalik’s dream of becoming an integrated farmer is fast becoming a reality thus, encouraging him towards expanding into crop farming such as rice, cassava and maize. Abdulmalik’s farm is located in Kagini (Kubwa), Abuja.



YouWin ALICEMy name is Mrs Alice Umoh, the M.D of Switbud Enterprises. We are into confectionary business and primarily into the production of Premium bread and chin chin.

We had been working at home for nine years on a small scale until we got the YouWiN! grant. The grant has enabled us to move the business out of the home. We were able to acquire and equip a bakery facility. We also have staff strength of 11 permanent staffs on our payroll. Our production has increased from half bag per day to 8 bags per day. This is due to the high demand for the bread and other confectionary and there is room for increase in production.

We have also been able to attract distributors who collect wholesale and retail to individuals and supermarkets. The grant has enabled us to acquire major equipment such as, 3 bag bread oven, 1 bag spiral mixer, industrial chin chin plant, 40kva generator, ice block machine, delivery van, stainless steel trolleys and tables, bread slicer and bread pans.

I can indeed testify that the YouWiN! programme has moved us from ” grass to grace”.



YouWin BENJAMINPrior to the YouWiN! program introduced by the Federal Government of Nigeria, Benjamin Obi’s business was virtually non-existent, largely due to a lack of finance to move the business forward. He also lacked technical knowledge in the area of proper financial and business management.

The YouWiN! program has changed all of that for Benjamin. YouWiN! not only given him the funds injection he desperately needed, but also equipped him with the knowledge to manage his business in addition. In his words, YouWiN! has made his dreams come true.

He has now expanded his television drama series to many stations, making the adverts revenue increase by 75%. He has also made sales outside of Nigeria, having sold 78 episodes to Katter James in Ghana. With YouWiN! funds, he purchased high definition production equipment and obtained licensure as a National Distributor of Films & Video works by the National Film and Video Censors Board.

He now has nine (9) full time permanent employees, twenty (20) part time employees and supports over fifty (50) indirect jobs for Nigerian youth.



YouWin CHINYEREChinyere Eze knew she wanted a career in the media and entertainment industry but was faced with the challenge of not having access to funds. She got her big break as one of the 1,200 winners who would receive financial support from the Federal Government under the YouWiN! program.

With her grant, Chinyere established Crescendo studios in Anambra state, a music and video production company. She also acquired office space and purchased equipments for production activities.

Chinyere currently has 7 employees on her payroll and hopes to employ more staff as her business grows.


SO you see!! Even you can become one of the winners of YouWin. For more information visit



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