Does Program Still Exist? – See the latest update

YouWin scheme have been a great assistant for the development of Nigeria youths, by training trhem to becoming the business owners. Those who applied and defineded their business ideas and selected are further awarded a start-up grants for their businesses at the end of their training.

The YouWin connect was established by the formal president “Goodluck Jonathan” – during his regime of them.

His goverment made the YouWin connect program with the approch that applicants should have post-secondary school qualification andshould be between the ages of 18 and 40.

Youwin Connect was designed to empower both graduates and undergrsduates in Nigeria.

Does Program Still Exist?

This has been the question coming to us, and we have come to answer it in a plan and understanding mannal.

First, recall that the program was usually a yearly thing, its like a serise, when the first batch are selected and under training, they start for the following batches.

Now the website “” – which is always accessible at all time whether the program is on or not. But if you also notice you will realize that the official website has been inaccessible.

The general information page use to be –, while the application page for new entrance was –

And, after the regim of the formal president, you will as well see that the present government had released more enpowerment/start-up grants programs – talking about the N-Power, Sure-P, P-Yes, etc…

Of which some of these programs are still functioning, the websites still accessiable at all time.

After all these critical observations it’s not a misleading to say that the Program Still is currently not working. The last time we got the information about the YouWin Connect Registration Form was 2017.

However, we can’t conclude either, if this government will start the program “YouWin” again or not. But in any case we can always communicate if any new information arises.

You can join the list of those expectant to be among the first to hear once the YouWin Connect starts again. Drop your email with your thought via the comment box below.

Let’s here from you on what you think about the nonfuntioning of the YouWin Connect program.

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