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Zoho Mail is a professional E-mail account that help you manage your business email, right from the basics to the more advanced features. You might still be wondering why I said so, Well if you run a business and want an effective communications with your audience the you have to go Zoho Mail account Sign up portal.

This is because gone are the days of software installations and upgrades. Take your office to the cloud. Zoho Mail comes bundled with Zoho Docs, a comprehensive online office and document management suite that runs from within a web browser. Your users can create, edit and collaborate on word documents, spreadsheets and presentations; online. Along with integrated calendar, tasks, notes and contacts modules, Zoho Mail provides the best tools to improve productivity and efficiency.

But you have to understand that ZOHO Mail is usually not free. There are different plans.

Create Zoho Mail Registration Guidelines

Create Zoho Mail Registration

You may register with an external email address or with a variety of OAuth options, such as Google Apps, Facebook, etc. Meanwhile, just in case you wish too register Zoho Mail New Account from the official website then you follow the step below:

  1. Logon to ZOHO Mail Sign Up
  2. Enter your new email and password
  3. Then click the “Sign Up For Free” button below.


Download ZOHO mail app for Mobile Smartphones

You can now be able to access your business mail or personal mail through your Android phone and iPhone. All you have to do is download the ZOHO app for your device below;

So now to select the Zoho mail plan best for you, you have to sign in first to see the plans.

Zoho mail plan


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