Top 10 Digital Marketing Terms & Meanings

Digital Marketing Terms Anyone who is into digital marketing knows that digital marketing deals with lots of abbreviations and industry specific terms. Not everyone knows that 'Ads" stands for advert. This causes difficult for ordinary people who peep into the sector as well as some new digital marketers. However, this can be breached by constant education. Here, we bring to you [...]

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Meaning & Functions of Professional Associations

Functions of Professional Associations
You must have severally heard of the term "Professional Association". I suppose you know what it means. However, even if you do not have an understanding of what it means, do [...]

Top 5 Social Media Tips For Small Business Owners

Social Media Tips For Small Business
The power of the social media in growing a business cannot be understated. It is continually growing ever and ever. This is why we want to show you the top 5 Social Media [...]

List Of Professional Health Associations In Nigeria

Functions of Professional Associations
We are aware that a lot of people do not know much about the full list of professional health associations in Nigeria today. I would even say that most people are not aware [...]

How To Choose Pension Fund Administrator In Nigeria

How To Choose Pension Fund Administrator
Having a pension fund is one of the best decision anyone can take. In the public service field, employees are mandated to have pension funds set aside for the period of [...]

INEC Adhoc Staff Recruitment 2019 Portal Now Open

INEC Adhoc Staff Recruitment 2019 Portal
The long awaited and long expected INEC Adhoc Staff recruitment 2019 portal is open. All those who anticipated this recruitment can now go online and apply for this [...]

How To Create Facebook Watch Party From The Scratch

Create Facebook Watch Party
Facebook Watch Party is not an entirely new feature. It has been much around for some time now. However, this unique feature was only available to Facebook groups and pages. [...]

How To Back Up iPhone Without iTunes or iCloud

Back Up iPhone Without iTunes
One of the most important steps you can take on your iPhone is to always back up. There is no amount of time that we emphasize this that will be sufficient. Backing up your [...]
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