How To Create Apple ID | How To Use & Manage Apple ID

How To Create Apple ID Apple ID is very important. For those who do not know, the Apple ID can be used to access all Apple services. This includes: App Store, Apple Music, iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime, and more. With the Apple ID, you can sign in to all Apple services with a single Apple ID and password. This is why it is very important to know how to create Apple ID. [...]

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5 Best Password Managers You Must Use In 2019

Best Password Managers
If you are online and you aren’t thinking of your online security, then something must be wrong. There is increase in the rate of online theft. Hacking activities are on the [...]

Best Free Antivirus For Mac (Really Free)

Free Antivirus For Mac
There are viruses being transferred from one user to the other. It is always best to protect one's self. As they say, prevention is better tha cure. If you are a MAC user, I [...]

Top 5 Free Audio Book Sites To Download Legally

Free Audio Book Sites
There is a saying that readers are leaders. More and more people are now realizing the need to read books. As a result, more book writers are coming up daily. We also now have [...]

Download VLC Media Player Latest Version – Mobiles, PCs and Tablets

VLC Media Player is an open source (free) available for download across all devices. It is the most popular Application among all other players, the amazing part of it is [...]

SSN Naija Tv Reality Show 2019 Registration Form & Guidelines

SSN Naija Tv Reality Show 2019
Have you heard of the latest reality TV show in Nigeria? Ladies & Gentlemen, i bring to you the SSN Naija TV reality show 2019. But you read on anything, i want you to [...]

How To Pin A Website To Taskbar On Chrome & Firefox

Pin A Website To Taskbar
Do you have a favorite website/s you love visiting almost on daily basis? Rather than going through rigorous processes every time to access this/these site/s, you can easily [...]

How To Transfer Photos From iPhone To PC (Windows or Mac)

Transfer Photos From iPhone To PC
How To Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC - There is always one need or the other to snap at one point or another. Almost on daily basis, individuals have to capture memory [...]

How To Change Language In Google Chrome

Change Language In Google Chrome
Few days back, I realized that my Google Chrome language has been changed automatically. I wasn’t the one who did this. But, I had to look for a solution. A lot of you may [...]

10 Ways To Make Money On Instagram

Make Money on Instagram
Everyone really wants to know how to make money on Instagram. There is nothing wrong about that. I want you to know that there are different and many ways you can use [...]

How To Easily Check Windows Version You Are Using

Check Windows Version
Would it surprise you that many people do know how to check windows version they are using? It shouldn’t surprise you. Many do not what version of window they are using and [...]
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