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2go Sign Up Account | Create A 2go Account | 2go Login

2go is a very popular  mobile social app which also has almost the same features as Whatsapp, WeChat, imo, etc. To start using the new 2go version you need to “Create A 2go Account” using your mobile phone, username and password. The Username and password now gives users access into “2go Login” www.2go.im or m.2go.im or through 2go messenger App for mobile phones.

2go Sign Up Account

The 2go Sign Up Account has only ONE option of creating account with is by mobile phone and that means you have to download the app on your phone before you signup.

However the latest 2go App comes with a “voice chat” which is now compatible with Java phones, Android, iPhone, Windows phones  and Blackberry phones.

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How To Download 2go App for Mobile / 2go Sign Up Account Guide

You can now download new 2go Version for both java.jar, APK, and Zip Application.

Use your App store on your phone (Android, iPhone, Windows, BlackBerry) then use the search bar at the top of the page, then search with the KeyWord “2go” then you will see the 2go official image/logo, click on it to download and install too.

After your installation the next will be to setup 2go account which you have to first select your “country”, then enter your mobile phone number (using the country’s code) 2go Login

then you will be ask to verify your phone number. After that you will now have to setup your username name and password.

Please note that that the username you use is what people/friends will see.


Alternatively: But if you do not have have an App play store on your mobile smartphone the you have to follow the steps below:

  1. Visit m.2go.im on your mobile phone
  2. Download 2go from the website for your mobile phone
  3. Launch the application and fill in a short registration
  4. Start chatting!


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2go Features

It is every important to know more about the 2GO Major features, and below are the features:

2go Credit

This 2go credit works with your real money in your phone and to get this 2go credit you must buy it from www.2go.im and without the 2go credit you can not chat on 2go chat rooms because this 2go credit gives you access to rooms in the 2go Rooms.

2go Rooms

2Go room is just like a forum where you find different topics (News, Education, Politics, Entertainment, etc) and by clicking/taping of any – you will enter the discussion with others.

2go News

This is the place you get updated on what is happening on 2go, 2go notifies you of any changes they want to make> on www.2go.com News you are the first to know of any update that is available for you, that is why this is a very important feature.

2go Friends

This entails of all the friends that you have on 2go, the ones you added up or the ones who added you up, on this Friends feature you can see your www.2go.com friends that are online and the ones who are offline.

2go Profile

This is your profile on 2go, it carries information that your friends get to see on 2go, on your 2go Profile, you can provide a photo of you there so your friends can see you, it has your gender, and location.





  1. 1stben2 I forgot my password. I entered forgotten password nothing please I need my password.

  2. I nid a 2go account but very hard to get.

  3. I forgot my password please i need it .it’s urgent I’ve trying to get it by send text but they don’t reply back to me please help me

  4. i forgot my password i need it its urgent ive to get it by send text but they dont reply back to me please help me

  5. I fucking hate 2go since my ultimate account was hacked since 2010 ?


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