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3 Ways To Pay For Jumia Products

In a previous article, we gave a detailed analysis on how to place order on Jumia. You can check that out. So, now you are done with placing your order, you are left with making your payments. How can you do that? Since we know a lot of persons find it difficult to pay for Jumia products, we have decided to bring this tutorial to help you and other person who finds it difficult also.

Basically, Jumia allows 3 different payment methods. You can use any of the methods. However, some methods are very technical and require some guidelines. This is what this post is all about. Jumia also has a Pay on Delivery system. However, not everyone knows the terms and conditions behind it. All that will be treated here to help you.

How To Pay For Jumia Products

Like we pointed out, there are 3 different methods you can use to pay on Jumia. This image here tells you the whole story. Pay For Jumia Products

JumiaPay Cards

  1. If you want to use JumiaPay Cards, you will have to select it and click on “confirm order”
  2. Then, you are expected to put your card details. This includes: card number, month and year of expiry and then your CVV.
  3. Afterwards, click on “Pay now”.
  4. If your details are correct and you have the correct amount in your account, it will be debited from your account.

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Interswitch WebPay

Select interswitch if you want to use that method.

  1. In the next opened page, input your card details just as above.
  2. Then, click on “pay”.
  3. If all things were properly done, the money will be debited from your card.
  4. You are done.

Note: Accepted cards for payment above is Visa card, Mastercard, Verve card etc.

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Pay On Delivery

Pay on Delivery is a payment method that lets you pay with Cash or Card when your order arrives at your doorstep. It is simple, secure, convenient, and allows you to review and make sure you are happy with your order before you pay.

Jumia Pay on Delivery Eligibility

The following reasons can disqualify you from being eligible for pay on delivery.

  1. Your cart has a shipped from overseas item
  2. Your total cart value is under ₦1,500
  3. Or, your total cart value is above ₦200,000
  4. Your delivery option (some far regions, some specific pick-up stations) is not eligible for Pay On Delivery. Please click here to see if your location DOES NOT accept pay on delivery.
  5. Payment on delivery is not allowed on your account, based on your past delivery experience.

So, having seen the above, you can pay in two ways on delivery.

  1. Pay Cash. Please ensure you hold the correct amount as Jumia agents doesn’t go about with changes. If your fee is #12,080, endeavour to have the correct amount.
  2. You can use POS which the Jumia agents will come with.

You have now seen how to Pay For Jumia Products. if you have any questions, please use the comment box below.


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