Australia Visa Lottery Online Application Form | Types of Australia Visa to Apply

So far if has been a long search from group of people searching online on how to apply visa lottery online application form, this is because most people now believes that since the United State of American yearly organizes visa lottery program so some other developed countries like Canada, China, Australia also should be running such program.

On this page we are here to inform you on the truth, and nothing below that.

The so called “Australia DV-Lottery” is promoted by scammers and you can only get this kind of information in the emails. The fact remains that as of now the Australia Government doesn’t have such a visa lottery program or it doesn’t have any idea to introduce it in the coming years.

So scam mail senders used to send emails with the topic Australia DV-Lottery to unsuspecting people specially in the Africa region in the hope of making some money from them.

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It shouldn’t be a shock to know that the only Government to use such a visa lottery program is the United States of America. So the scam people use this visa lottery program’s name to cheat with the other countries too. Plenty people had lost their money by believing that Australia Visa Lottery Online application form exist,  which is fake. Most of the email sending people had been traced to be located in London and Thailand.

Types of  Australia Visa Government Offers

Australia Government offers work visas through the legal means to the professional people who have passed the degree programs and have good work experience. People in the countries near to Australia are offered with temporary worker visas during the harvesting period for to work in the farms.

There are no other work visas available for the unskilled workers to work and live there.

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If you are interested in working temporarily or permanently in the Australian territory – visit their Australia Government official web site to get more information about the process.

Mean while Australia born people and those who had married to them can participate in the USA diversity visa lottery program.

So don’t believe in the Australian visa lottery program any more if you get any email notification about it.

How to Travel to Australia

Entry Australia applicant can only use the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) process, which is an authorisation available to select passport holders. It was first introduced in 1996, to eliminate the need for some people to apply for full visas.

An ETA, as its name suggests, is not a printable document but an electronic permit linked to a citizen’s valid biometric passport. Hence, a traveller only needs to show his passport to the immigration officer or the airline/airport officer upon obtaining an ETA from the Australian government.

List of Countries Eligible to Apply for Australian ETA

Only citizens from the countries listed below can enter Australia through an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA):

  • Brunei-Darussalam,
  • Canada,
  • Hong Kong (SAR PRC),
  • Japan,
  • Malaysia,
  • Singapore,
  • South Korea, and
  • The United States of America

How to Apply for Australia Visa Via ETA

To apply for an ETA online you must be outside Australia and intend to visit for tourism or business visitor activities. You must have your passport, email address and a credit card to complete the online application here.

The details you provide in your online ETA application need to be exactly the same as they appear in your passport and you must use the same passport that is linked to your online ETA application when you travel.

Anyone who arrives in Australia without a valid travel document, visa or authority can be refused entry to or delayed until their identity and claims to enter Australia have been confirmed.

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Below is Sample of a Passport

Image: Australia Visa Lottery
Here includes the Important information you will need from your passport.


Conditions of an ETA are:

  • You can enter Australia as many times as you want during a 12 month period from the date the ETA is granted or until the expiry date of your passport, whichever is earlier.
  • You can stay in Australia for a maximum of three months on each visit.
  • You must not work while in Australia. You can undertake business visitor activities (undertaking of business enquiries and contractual negotiations, and attending conferences).
  • You must not study for more than three months.
  • You must be free from tuberculosis.
  • You must not have any criminal convictions for which you have been sentenced for a total combined period of 12 months or more, whether or not the sentence/s were served.



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