1. I observed that there are two type of FORMS for Registration on my mobile phone. One form has the small box where you click “Agree” but no “Sponsor”. Another form do NOT have the small box to click “Agree” but has “Sponsor”. After feeling the form that has ” Sponsor ” I can’t find the small box to click “Agree”. What do I do ?

  2. Good day,can I know why we in Umuahia, Nigeria, have not got our daily pay for yesterday 28 & today 29 august 2018 .Thanks.

    • Please recheck again. Get back to us if the error still persist so we can forward the issue to the appropriate channel.

  3. I just want to sure about the company I’m investing into because, I’m one of the investor and I need full guarantee on this, I hope is fully registered in Nigeria even with CAC and in other contrary, pls give me full assurance. Thanks

  4. Why is it withdrawal could not be made since Tues 4/09/18 00:00:00HRS?

  5. Why is withdrawal not possible since Sunday 2/09/18 00:00:00 hrs till today 05/09/18?
    Pls kindly treat as urgent.

  6. Hey Guys!

    It seems the Bitworld login page isn’t opening right now, don’t panic yet your money is not gone, I guess. I believe the company already noticed this and will be fixing it soon as possible.

    Let’s watch and see when its resolved. We are also following them so that we share update (HERE) to you guys.

    Feel free to share yours though through this comment box below.

  7. Since Friday I have not been able to login into my account, please what is going on, our balances have also been made payment balance and cannot be withdrawn, what is happening?

    • We haven’t gotten any reasonable responses either, I guess they are seriously working on their platform. But we are hoping to hear from them as soon as possible. Keep following this page for latest update on this issue or other matter that is of interest to you.

  8. Why can’t we access our account any more? Hope you are not getting away with our money.

    • Please Note that this website ONLINE DAILYS, not BitWorld, not a branch of it either. But we are trying our best to provide relevant information about what is going on currently. Please stay tuned for update!

  9. I sent $1200 three month ago I didn,t get any till now why???

    • I think you should first be bothered on access into your account. WHere you able to login your account?

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