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One of the effective means to stay in touch with friends and family back home especially when we are abroad is through phone calls. Without compromise, we need time to connect and speak with them for long minutes to make both parties feel home. But some network providers have taken it as an advantage to bill high knowing that the service (calling home) is very important to Us.

BOSS Revolution Page

What if I tell you that Boss Revolution is the best App (for millions of users all over the world) to use call international call at an affordable rate. You can start making long minutes (from 500 minutes) calls with as low as $5.5 dollars with crystal clear conversations and no hidden fees, it’s simple and affordable for you to stay in touch with friends and family back home. Click here to learn more about the International calling rate >>

Also as an active user, you can load call credit (at a very cheap rate) and send money across the world.

To get started with the BOSS Revolution you have to create BOSS Revolution account (it’s FREE) and that is exactly why the page is created for – to show you the step by step how to create an account from start to completion.


You wanna login your account with a browser(s)? Then Using these steps below is the Only and fastest ways.

Logging into Boss account only needs you to provide Email OR Phone Number and password.

Sample of BOSS Revolution Account Login Form

  1. Enter the Boo Revolution Login Page here
  2. Enter either your phone number or your registered email address
  3. The next box is to enter your password
  4. Then click on the “Login” button to access your Boss Revolution account.


But if you’re a new user who yet has no account with BOSS that means you have to engage in the “BOSS Revolution New Account Registration”. It’s free and fast – will take your not less than 10seconds completing the account registration.

On the BOSS Revolution New Account Registration page your: (a) Full name (b) Email Address (c) Phone number (d) Password and (d) security question and answer – are needed to complete the registration.

Once completed, you’re on your way making international calls at the cheapest cost rate. But you have to fund account to get started.


BOSS Revolution New Account Registration Full Guide

The registration has 3-stages to complete the sign-up process and we have simultaneously explained them by bit so you follow the same steps at your end.

let’s get started…


Phase 1: Filling your Primary Information

BOSS Revolution New Account Registration form -Phase one
BOSS Revolution New Account Registration form -Phase one

The first phase of the form is entering your Full name, email address and phone number. It is very necessary to ensure that the email address is valid and you have access to it, in case of Boss account verification.

Also, Your Phone number should be correct and accessible in case of further use on your account.


Phase 2: Choosing Password and Security Question

BOSS Revolution New Account Registration 2

This is where you create what you should use for login in your account. That is your Password.

While selecting A Password to make sure its strong and save from other not guessing right what it becomes. However, make sure providing a password you easily remember at all time. We have presented here “How to create a Strong and secured Password” so learn here.

Make sure selecting a security question you best know the answer to. The Security Question helps you protect your Boss Revolution account at all time. Take for instance you forgot your login information, this is what you use to get your account back. Or that the Boss suspects some malicious activities on your account (maybe not you) this is what confirms it’s you or not.

To select, click the drop-down arrow and select, then type the answer to the question you selected.


Phase 3: Agree to Boss Revolution’s Terms and Condition

BOSS Revolution New Account Registration 3

Of course, if you are used to filling forms online you should know this, that before submission of information you MUST agree with the terms of service. Likewise Boss Revolution, you have to

The first box is totally optional, you can check the box if you want to receive updates on their marketing and services. But the last box you MUST check.

Click the register button to submit your application to use the Boss Revolution account.


DO YOU KNOW THAT – Now You Can unlock any iPhone & Android Phone to use with any network (learn more here)


Download The New BOSS Revolution Mobile App

  • Get the app for Android phones and tablets >>here<<
  • Use this link to download for iOS – iPhone and iPad >>here<<


Boss Revolution Mobile Top Up

It can only take 3-steps to top-up call credit of your love once from around the world. It’s simple, safe and instant.

Once you have logged into your account,

Step 1: Enter your loved one’s phone number

Enter the international mobile number you’d like to recharge, starting with the country code. Take for instance you are sending to someone in the USA make sure starting with the country code which happens to be “1” than before the numbers that follow. This is applied also in other countries.

Step 2: Confirm the Carrier

Confirm the phone carrier is correct, or update to the appropriate carrier.

Step 3: Choose an Amount

Select the amount that you’d like to send to this phone number. Then send to complete the transaction. in few seconds the recipient gets a credit alert you forwarded to him or her phone number. Very Fast and easy as ABC…


Use the comment boz below to express yourself in case you are facing any kind of challenges using the Boss Revolution App, Products and services.


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