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These days, we no longer as to why come or why so many spam messages coming to our email inbox. You noticed emails you never signed up for consistently keep sending annoying emails.

Most times those spam messages use to be as a result of hacked or sells your email address. Which is a wrong practice. And that is one of the many reasons a free disposable email address will go well.

There is numerous disposable email you can use to protect your privacy, but we have single-handedly talked about YOPMail disposable email service on this page. Therefore, you will be seeing the steps to create Create a Free Disposable Email Address using YopMail service nd how to login Yopmail whenever you want.

YOPMail provides a free disposable email address that you can use to sign up for any services online that you are not sure about or don’t want to them sending you unnecessary emails.

How Yopmail Disposable Emails Works

Many disposable email addresses forward messages to your real email address. A few disposable email services make the disposable email only available for a short time. 

Like YOPmail, the name you give to your disposable email becomes your email address and password is not required to log in whenever you want to access the email.

Understand that any email you decide to use already exist, meaning it has an inbox already, in As much as it ended with

For example, you may decide to go with

The inbox is already in existence. How to confirm this is when you’d used the temporal email address to sign up online and expecting an email, for as long as the email has the extension, then you can go to the page to read your mail.

As simple as ABC!

How to Create a Disposable Email Address with

  1. To create a disposable email on YOPMail, visit the main website
  1. Type in to choose an email address randomly that ends with
  2. Then click on the “Check Inbox” button.
YopMail Disposable Email Address

You should be in your temporal YOPmail inbox now. You should see your incoming messages if you where expecting any.

YOPMail Login Disposable Email Account

Logging into the deposable email inbox is simple, just make you know the name of your temporal email address. Then visit the YOPmail page and enter the name, click on the Check inbox to login YOPmail inbox area.

That’s it!

Other Disposable Email alternatives of

Yes, there are other YOPmail alternatives, and it may even be shocked to inform you that you can create a temporal email address on Gmail and Yahoo mail. Are you surprised?

That is why I said it may be shocking to you. You can check out our article on how to create a temporal email account using Gmail and Yahoo mail.

In the meanwhile, below we have listed all other alternatives to YOPmail disposable email address.

1. Abine Blur App – Secure, Disposable Email Addresses

Abine Blur is no exception to other popular disposable email services listed below. Abine Blur provides real privacy to its users and allows creating a customized email that can be accessed without using a password to access it.

But the rules remains that; to use the Abine Blur (or other services listed after) you must always remember your email so you could access it anytime and no password is needed to access it.

Blur is a unique temporal email provider, providing an extension for Firefox, Android and Apple devices.

2. Airmail – Randomized, Disposable Email Addresses

Airmail is another private email service with more privacy. You get around email by the click of a button, with a code assigned to you to enable you to view any emails you receive. You won’t also need a password to access your Airmail inbox.

To get a new email address, just go to the Airmail site and click the Get Temporary Email button. A few seconds later, an inbox view will load with your new randomly assigned email address and the unique access code in the address bar.

You’ll need to make note of both or copy the URL with both codes in the address to be able to see any emails you receive.

3. Mailinator – Public Throwaway Email Addresses

Mailinator built is email disposal as a community; anyone can access any inbox, in as much as you know its email address. It also works like YOPmail;

You come up with any inbox name and that becomes your email address. But ensure that the name ends with the disposiable name as the extersion, that is

4. MailDrop – free throwaway e-mail address

MailDrop is the most popular, free, and Open Source like Yopmail and the rest already listed. This service provides throwaway email addresses that are cleared after 24 hours of inactivity, which is even why I don’t really like it.

But mail drop is best to use when you are signing up for an instant incentive/bonuses or expecting instant messages. The email extension for MailDrop is usually

5. Mailsac – Disposable Email Addresses for Testing

Mailsac is another great disposable testing email inbox service that provides anonymous email addresses that can be used for testing.

It also provides you with the option to create a private account. However, your email ends with and can be accessed anytime.

Although Mailsac has premium packages if you want more advanced disposable email features unlocked. The premium plan starts from $12, with several plans to select from.


You don’t have to use a disposable email address on every website if you’re sure of they won’t be spamming you and sell out your information.

Also, there are better ways of organizing your emails inbox so that you only see the relevant messages when they arrive. See how that is done here.

Also, learn how to create a personal Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook email.

Use the comment below, let’s hear your thought about the YOPmail disposable email address and other alternatives mentioned. Which one have you used?

Hope this page was helpful?


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