Download Microsoft Teams App for Computer, iOS, Android to Start or Join Meeting

No more a new discovering that Microsoft is among the top giant Tech in the world. It’s been a trusted and reliable organization/company powering other companies. You may have had about (or using SKYPE), but this time we are talking about Microsoft Teams that is almost similar to the SKYPE.

It may be shocking to know that Microsoft Teams wasn’t launched today. It was released in 2017, trusted, reliable, and feature-loaded, free video-conferencing application inclusive.

There are other video conferencing applications (free and premium) like Zoom, SKYPE, Line, Discord, Telegram, etc but they all come with their various limitations and that’s surfaces every reason to try the Microsoft Teams video conferencing application too.

Using the Microsoft Teams app assured you of a seamless, easy, and error-free communicative experience. Also with a simple interface for every user to understand every bit of the application.

We have come to understand that how to download Microsoft Teams app is a challenge to some people, so we have made this page as easy as possible to follow the same steps to get the application downloaded and start working.

About the Teams Features

First is the capacity of Video conferences to hold. Unlike other top programs, Microsoft Teams allows up to 10,000 people simultaneously, with additional features like group chats, virtual meetups, audio calls, meeting recordings, transcripts, and more.

The Platform allows you to find your friends and family. Although your account is sync and stores your contacts, there is an option to turn it off at any time.

The Teams platform also allows users to create different groups, this makes the users organize teams with the same goal. About THREE different groups (Project, best friends, and the Family group) had already been created by default. You can create new groups by selecting the “edit Pain” icon at the bottom right of the page (for mobile).

The Meeting feature allows members to join your meeting even if they don’t have a Team account.

Getting Started On Microsoft Teams Sign Up Page

Web: If you’re accessing Microsoft Teams from the web you can log in through the official website. Select ‘Sign up for free,’ then enter your email address and click on the ‘Next’. Then follow the remaining instructions to complete the registration process.

Application: The interface and instructions remain the same if you’re Signing up from an app (mobile or desktop). Simply launch the app and tap/select Sign up for free – and proceed with the Microsoft Teams registration.

But remember you don’t have to create a new Microsoft account if you already had one, except when you want to use a separate account to operate your Microsoft Teams account.

Click here to learn how to create a new Microsoft Account you can use on any Microsoft application and product.

Microsoft Teams Login Account

As a registered user of any Microsoft account (either Outlook mail, Office 365, Skype, etc) you’ll be enabled to also log in to the Microsoft Teams application across all devices and platforms.

Your email address (or username or phone number) is needed, then your password. In some cases, there may still be further steps to pass the “I am not a robot” check before gaining access to the account.

While logging into Your Teams account for the first time, you will be required to enter your phone number, then a verification code will be sent to you via SMS to input the code.

Once completed, you should see the “Get started” button to click on. Continue with other steps to get you into the Microsoft Teams platform.

Creating and Joining Microsoft Teams Meeting

You can start creating new meeting for other to join. Follow the steps below to create meeting on Microsoft Teams;

  1. Ensure to have logged into your Teams account.
  2. Click on the video icon, then select “Start a meeting” You can also decide to copy the link address of the meeting and share.
  3. A new page opens (if you’re using a desktop) select on Join meeting
  4. From here you can take full control of the meeting by sharing your page, giving control, set your mic, etc.

While on the other hand if you’re to join a meeting, remember whether you have account or not you can always join meetings on Microsoft Teams. All you need to do is to click on the link shared to you and follow other steps to join the meeting. that’s all.

Microsoft Teams Online

Microsoft Teams is to using SKYPE Web, WhatsApp Web, Telegram Web, etc. it doesn’t require the user to download the application. This method of usage is about logging into the Microsoft website to start using the feature on the web (instead of the app).

We have also seen where some users don’t want to download Microsoft Teams app maybe because they use more desktop,

Download Microsoft Teams App for Computer, iOS, Android

The button below is an official link to download Microsoft Teams app for free.

We have received messages from people complaining about not being able to download the Microsoft Teams application onto their mobile phones. The steps below will guide you if you’re facing the same challenges.

But first, understand that there are TWO methods to get the Teams downloaded and installed into your phone seamlessly.

Method 1: Download Teams from the official App stores

You will be redirected to your respective app store by clicking any of the above buttons (link).

Method 2: Download Microsoft Teams from email

On the method, you will be providing your email address >> on this page<< then Microsoft will email you with an official link to download the app.

The above guideline shows how to login to the Microsoft Teams App after download.

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