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Eskimi Sign Up Form – www.eskimi.com/Sign In Account – m.eskimi.com/sign up

Eskimi.com a very popular  social networking site, also known to be one of the largest mobile social media platforms in Africa and Asia  where people from various geographical boundaries comes together to chat, upload and share pictures, including music with their family and  friends. It was founded in 2010 by ActiveSec, a Lithuanian based mobile network service provider. To create a new Esikimi account is always free and has various ways to either sign up or login eskimi.com account.

On this you can either access the Eskimi Sign Up form using mobile phone or your computer. Apart from the fact that it has may means to signin or signup, there are other features that you will love to also know, which you may want to explore while using the Eskimi Messenger. They are;

Available Features in Eskimi.com Messenger Account

  • Eskimi shows you the number of people online and also show you their pictures on launching via your mobile phone.
  • Gives you the opportunity to buy Eskimi coin via your network provider. You can buy eskimi coin through your network providers.
  • Allows you to send gift to someone. Gift like coffee, rose flower, blackberry, Sneakers, etc. See the image below.
  • Gives you the flexibility to select any country you want to chat and make friends with by selecting countries in the drop down menu. See the image below.
  • Eskimi allows you to choose members/genders/age and to modify the country you want to chat with. See the image below.
  • It also allows you to search for friends and relatives by entering their nicknames in the in-built search box. See the image below.

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Requirements for Eskimi Sign Up Form and Login form

When you want to start creating your account the following are needed to sign up for Eskimi account;

  • Nick Name – your nick name will be your login username, also will be use to know you by your friends. For example you nick name could be; “Emmy” or Jenne, or John, etc… you can also add unmbers, like emmy123. etc…
  • Password – everyone knows that password is meant for your account to be secured with. So you have to select a good password you can always remember, but make sure your friends can’t easier guess it correctly. So be wise!
  • Your Gender selection and Date of Birth (D.O.B)
  • Email address  – make sure using a correct email address because when ever you want to retrieve your account information (password or nick name) a  sensitive information about your account will be sent to your email.
  • Selection of your location

To Login Eskimi.com:

Online your nick name and password will be required to gain access into your account.

But Alternatively; you can always use either your facebook or Google+ account to login or signup for a new eskimi account. Using it means the Eskimi will automatically use your social account information on them (facebook.com or Google+) to signup or login to Eskimi account.

  • meaning that you will be using the same username
  • profile picture
  • email
  • available friends on facebook and google+ will be added to your Esikimi friend list.

People prefer using the alternative signup/login because it save the time of filling the Eskimi Sign Up Form. But its better using the Eskimi Sign Up Form (m.eskimi.com/sign up) if you do not it your use your details.

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www.eskimi.com/Sign In Account – How To Login Eskimi Account

To login your eskimi account is supper easy. You can either use your social network account like;

Eskimi login

  1. Login to www.eskimi.com/login
  2. Enter your nick name
  3. and password
  4. then click on “Login”

Click on “forget password” If you have forgotten your password, to reset a new password.

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Eskimi Registration Guide Below – How to Register New Account

  1. Go to the registration page of Eskimi; www.eskimi.com/register
  2. There are information (just as listed above) for you to fill correctly
  3. then click on “Register” after crosschecking that every of your information are correct
    Eskimi Sign Up Form
  4. Now go to your email and confirm your online Eskimi account registration

That is all. You just signup now and you can always login using your nick name and password to access your account.

But alternatively you can use your Facebook or Googe plus to signup for new account. Read above information to see how it works.

Eskimi App Download for Mobile

For Android download here

For Windows download here

For BlackBerry download here

For iPhone download here

Click here to download eskimi for all JAVA phones



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