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GetBarter Virtual Card Full Tutoral – Sign Up, Login, Fund & Use Card, Barter Wallet & more

It is no more a new story that there’re restrictions in using some services online for certain reasons. For instance, some Facebook Ads accounts get flagged while using Visa, MasterCard and other local cards, while some face difficulties using their cards even if their accounts aren’t flagged yet. What about payment of products and services, still same challenges.  But every issue defiantly has a solution.

Here is the “GOOD NEWS”, that you can always have your way of making any transactions online. For example, paying for your hosting account, buying items online, paying for Ads (on Facebook account and any other platform), even shopping online – Using “GetBarter Virtual Card“.

GetBarter Card is 100% free of charge that allows you to secure your Main BAnk Information online. That is you don’t have to use your bank account or card for an online payment. WHich makes your banking information even safer than ever.

We have come to understand that many of you have challenges using this free amazing virtual card, it also happened to me the first time of using it. But this page breaks everything down as “ABCD”.  All you have to do is follow the steps and image illustrations on this page to get every step right at your end.

But before we kick-start, we let you understand that the following information will be discussed without compromise (see the table of content below. Every step of the way has its separate pages that you can navigate to follow. We break this down this way for better understanding.

Table of Content:
1. How to Sign Up Getbarter account
2. How to Verify Getbarter account
3. How to Add Your Local Account On your GetBarter account
4. How to Create/Fund a Wallet on Getbarter account
5. How to Create your first GetBarter Virtual Card and How to Fund Wallet (barter card) on getbarter.co
7. How to check your Transaction History

Let’s get started with the first topic on our Table of content which is “How to Sign Up Getbarter account

Click on the “NEXT” or “Page Numbering” page to see full guidelines.

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  1. What is the referral code? Where do I get it?


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