Guide for Checking NYSC Verify Senate List or its equivalents Online – Pictures

The NYSC Verify Senate List is a website where every Prospective Corps Members going for service are enlisted. The idea of checking the Senate list is in case of some who may have one issue or the other – but maybe later rectified, should be able to confirm from there that they no longer have an issue with their school. And have been cleared to go for the service.

Checking NYSC Verify Senate List is SIMPLE, FAST and FREE! You can rather use your phone or tablets, even with PC to check your name in the Senate list.

On this page, we have shown a step by step on how to check the list using pictures and write-ups as a mode of illustration for better understanding to all. We have, on this page made everything simple to understand. Therefore, all you should do is follow the steps below;

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Guide for Checking NYSC Verify Senate List Online

The first thing you should know about is the official website to do this. Remember in our previous article we mention all NYSC websites and their features, READ THAT HERE. So, knowing the right website to navigate and check the Senate list should be the first move.

  1. Log on to the NYSC website on you access the website above, scroll to the bottom of the page to see the link to click on and see the NYSC Senate online checking form.Checking NYSC Verify Senate List

    You don’t have to login to check. Just click on the form to open the main page for checking the list.

  2. The nysc senate list form or page is open. You can see from the form that you need to;

    » Select Institution: From the drop-down menu scroll to select your institution.
    » Matriculation Number: Providing your School Reg number is on this form. Already as you may now that every institution has their formats of presenting their Student’s Registration Numbers. So you are as well expected to present it on that box provided.
    » Surname: This is your Father’s name that you bear in your school (institution). You don’t have to enter other names. Only the surname is a step for NYSC to fishes out your information from its database.
    » Date or Birth: this is where must people find it hard because they’re not using their right information as a date of birth. But please for you to successfully get the information you want on this page, which is “checking the Senate Approved list for service” then you have to enter your dirt of birth as you have always presented it in your institution.Checking NYSC Verify Senate List 2
    So, from the image above you should know that you will select (same from the drop-down menu) the “DAY” firstly, then select the month, then select the year.

    Once you have done all that and you are happy with the information you have provided, meaning that its all correct, you can now proceed to click on “Search” button.

  3. Now, wait for the page to load. It takes a little to load and fetch out the complete information about you that you have provided in the form as shown above). The following you will be seeing “That is if your name is on the list of Senate-approved list page”Your Surname: The first in the column will be your surname just as you have provided and as it always appears on your documents,
    » Your Other name(s): Whether you have two or three or more other names, the next column will show that as well.
    » Your Matriculation Number: Remember I made it clear from the beginning of this page that the matric number which is also known as Reg number or registration number, that every institution has their ways and format of presenting them. That is exactly how NYSC will be showing you in the next column after other names.
    » The date of Your Graduation: Your graduation date will also be included among the information NYSC will be showing you in the Senate list portal.
    » Status: some may call it “remark” or “conclusion”. This is the last column where NYSC makes their final note on your data you searched on its portal. As you can see from the image below that the status of this candidate we checked shows that;

                      “Your record has been uploaded successfully. You can Register”

    NYSC Senate list checker
    Sorry, I have to blind the information, because it’s not necessary you see or get familiar with the name on the page. Just follow the step we have showed you are you will see yours like this.

    But in the other-way-around whereby your name is not in the Senate list, you should get a notification that “Such information does not exist on the Senate website.” That you should go to your institution to rectify any issue that may cause that.

  4. At this point, you have seen your name, and you can also see/read from that the status that you can register. This means that the next step for you is to go online to the NYSC portal for the online registration. We have gotten lots of articles to guide you through, like;

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Check this page you are now to see interesting articles relating to “NYSC” possible challenges and how to resolve them.

Good luck.


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