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HitWe online free dating website

Hitwe.com Sign Up is a special website page where new interested users create new Hitwe account free. Have you been searching for a close or far date with some one you can love and that will love you? If “YES” you are on the right place to learn how to Sign up HitWe.com new Online dating account.

But before I start with the full introduction of HitWe.com, I want you to understand one thing here, which is; any thing you do or want to do on Hitwe – its 100% free.

Unlike some online dating websites where you have to pay money before getting the full contact of some one you are so interested in. Not so here, on hitwe.com. The only simple principle here is that you have to create hitwe account.

How to Create HitWe.com New Online Dating Account – Hitwe.com Sign Up

The Sign up form is very simple and fast to fill because only few of your information will be needed to create an account with Hitwe. Here are steps to Hitwe.com Sign Up;

  • With your mobile phone or computer go to www.hitwe.com
  • At the home page of the site (just like Facebook.com sign up form) you will see a sign up and sign in page. So you are suopose to choose the sign up and then fill the form. See image below for better understanding;Hitwe.com Sign Up
  • hit the “Create Account” below and once all this is done, you have just created new free online dating account.

Sign In HitWe Online Account

Just the same way by visit www.hitwe.com then on the sign in you have to enter your email address and password. then click the sign in button below.  You can also use your facebook account to sign in (or sign up) Hitwe account. Just by clicking any of the social logo you see below that you know you have an account with.

How To Delete HitWe Dating Account

Do you want to delete your account? login to your account profile or information at the last (bottom) page of your profile you will see delete account, then click and follow other steps that follows.

It will be to our interest and your interest too using the comment box below to inform us when you encounter any problem on any part of this topic: Hitwe.com Sign Up | Sign In Hitwe account Free | Find New Friends.


  1. i like the site you can meet new friends in other country

  2. A good and humble woman but highly discipline

  3. Hi,u keep blocking my accounts which I don’t know why and I can’t retrieve it back .I created another account and after a while I stopped receiving messages.what is happening?

    • Please, kindly read the terms and condition of the dating site – on its official page. Must delete account are due to abuse; which comes on how you use the service and how you treat people you come in contact with.

      Also, be informed that you can’t retrieve any deleted account. So you may just have to create a new account. But make sure to read and understand its terms and condition.

  4. I can’t register it keep saying invalid email an my email is valid why

    • check if your email address is correct or use another email

    • If you cant see images on this page then you have to reload your browser and network as well.

  5. I really need help…i want to open an account wit Instagram

  6. I don’t even know the reason why my pictures was suddenly changed without my knowledge

  7. From last night…suddenly my account is banned by Hitwe. Why i don’t know. Please tell what mistake i have done. It’s request that please re-open my account. I will follow your rules, if i broken your terms. So please re-open my account.

  8. wen time come 2 choose someone 2 give ur heart,choose someone dat will not break ur heart cos heart neva hve spare parts

  9. I am allready registerd bt I can’t find my account pls help I want to meet my fam.I cnt also remember ma passward

  10. My hitwe account says user not found in signing in pls help

  11. i want my account delete, i can’t sign in thks.

  12. i requirement of hitwe open online service i want talk some girls

  13. I try to open log into my account but it say (your profile has been deleted due to violated the agreement”. Can anybody advise how I can log my account again. Thank you in advance.

  14. My account says “your profile has been removed due to terms and service violation” is there anyway that I could re-activate it again. Please advise. Thank you very much.

  15. Please i want my account deleted at once.I dont find this site useful at all.I have tried to unsubscribe to no avail.KINDLY do that for me.


  16. Im celibatary and looking for a woman all over the world to marry and take care of her.please write to me and you will not be deceived.

  17. I like hitwe, it’s the only one dating site that doesn’t charge for using it. I tried so many different dating services and if they don’t ask for money in the beginning they do after a couple of weeks.

  18. I tried going through my account but what I saw was my account has been disable.why?and how do I reopen it

  19. You make me celebrate every day with a
    bottle of champagne. If I had to do it over, I’d
    marry you again

  20. pliz whenever i want to put my photo on my account it doest appear on my profile whats the problem?

    • May be the image is too large. or you have to upload the image via your profile account

  21. I also wanted to delete my account because I was busy with my studying and I didn’t have enough time to reply messages. I guess some of my friends were upset that we didn’t talk anymore. But when I went through my full massage box I saw that there is a message from a really cute guy. What do you think? We are dating now, so my piece of advice is that think twice before you delete your page.

  22. i have been trying to delete my hitwe account nd cant find where to delete the account in settings plz help am sick and tired of messages flowing in

    • I heave been trying to delete my hitwe account nd cant find where to delete the account in settings plz help am sick and tired of messages flowing into my mail box!

  23. My previous account was terminated citing that I have violated rights which I didn’t kindly subscribed me.

  24. I dnt use to get any msg from this site so i wnt to block and stop using ths site tnks.

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