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How To Backup MTN Sim Contacts To Prevent Loss of Contacts

You will not know the value of backing up your Sim card until you lose your Sim card. Unfortunately, no one informs you before your Sim is lost. Your phone could be stolen or the Sim card could be damaged. I want to show you how you can backup MTN sim contacts, so you can easily recover important contacts in your sim when it is needed.

MTN Backup is a service that provides MTN subscribers a simple way to keep phone and SIM contacts safe on a secure MTN online account.It enables you save both the contacts on your SIM, and those on your handset. You can backup up to 200 contacts on your SIM and up to 5000 contacts on your mobile phone. This means that, if anything happens to your phone or SIM, you can simply restore your data to your new mobile phone or SIM.

How To Backup MTN SIM Contacts

So, you have seen the need to back up your contacts. I will show you the steps you can follow to do this easily. There are two major ways to do this easily.

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Step 1: MTN Services menu (SIM menu)

To do this, simply

  1. Go to the menu options on your handset and locate the MTN Services menu.
  2. Then, select MTN Backup
  3. Follow the guidelines immediately.

Step 2: Through SMS

To use this method, here is what you need to do.

  1. Text START to 307 or SYNC to 307 to sync your contacts respectively.
  2. That is very simple.

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Do I Need To Subscribe To Use This Service?

You do not subscribe to use this service. You will be prompted twice a month to save your contacts at N50 for each back up. Please note that the first backup will cost you #100. For users with saved contacts, inactivity for 2 months results in loss of contacts.

How do I have access to the self-care interface to use MTN Backup service?

Here are the ways to access the self-care interface.

  1. Access to the self-care interface is via this link here.
  2. Then, you will need to login using the information received by SMS.
  3. If you didn’t receive an SMS with your login and password, you can get access through the Self-Care interface by:
  4. Clicking on “Forgot your Password” if you received it and then forgot it.

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