How To Become Firstmonie Agent – First Bank Mobile Money Agent

Do you dislike going to banks and ATMs due to the long queue you are certain to meet there? I think everybody dreads that. However, there is a solution to help mitigate that: mobile money agents. In this guide, we want to show you How To Become Firstmonie Agent. The guide will be detailed and very simple and will also contain all you need to know. 

The First Bank Mobile Money Agent is a business person who is in partnership with First Bank of Nigeria to provide certain services to bank customers. These money agents play important roles. And this is a very legal way of making money.

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As a customer, you can use this service to avoid going to banks and meeting up with long queues that delay whatever else you have o do for the day. For the business inclined, this is a huge opportunity to make money for yourself in parnership with one of Nigeria’s best banks.

About Firstmonie Agent

Firstmonie Agent network is a bespoke channel through which FirstBank expresses her commitment and passion to broadening the opportunities and access to financial services for every Nigerian and African; especially within the low income segment (popularly referred to as the unbanked and under-banked population).

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Functions Of First Bank Mobile Money Agents

If you want to become firstmonie agent, here are the functions you will have to perform.

  1. Open account
  2. Deposit money
  3. Buy airtime
  4. Pay bills
  5. Withdraw money from any bank account
  6. Send money to any bank account
  7. Check balance
  8. Customer enquiries about FirstBank products

How To Become Firstmonie Agent

If you are interested in becoming a First bank mobile agent, then, all you need to do is to approach any First Bank branch in your location. Follow any instruction you will be given.

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Requirements of Becoming First Bank Mobile Money Agent

Anyone who meets the following requirements can be a Firstmonie Agent;

  1. Own an existing business with good patronage
  2. A visible business location which is easily accessible
  3. Minimum working capital of N50,000
  4. Complete Agent registration form and execute agreement
  5. Valid identification – Voter’s card, Driver’s License, International Passport, National ID card
  6. Any regulatory information as required (e.g. Business registration documents)

Potential Agents include any of the following entities:

  • Unregistered SMEs – Individuals
  • Registered businesses – Limited liability companies, Sole proprietorships, Partnerships, Cooperative societies
  • Corporates with retail chains / large distribution network.

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Firstmonie Agent FAQs

Below are some of the frequently asked questions and answers about Firstmonie agents.

1. Who can transact at a Firstmonie Agent?

Everyone – whether you are a FirstBank customer or a customer of another Bank, we’ve got you covered!

2. What will I get as evidence for transactions processed at the Agent’s location?

  1. A receipt for every transaction
  2. An SMS alert from your Bank for your transactions.

3. How will I identify a genuine Firstmonie Agent?

Every Agent has a Certificate of Registration and an Identification Number that can be verified at any FirstBank branch, or through the FirstBank contact center.

4. What are the benefits of transacting through a Firstmonie Agent?

  1. Saves money – no travel costs to the nearest bank branch or ATM point
  2. Saves time – no queues
  3. Easy to use – transactions can be processed with or without an ATM card
  4. Safe to use – transactions are PIN protected.

If you have any question on How To Become Firstmonie Agent, kindly use the comment box and we shall attend to you.


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