How to check if MTN SIM is registered & Activate free Airtime

How to check if MTN SIM is registered

It’s no longer a story announcing that MTN Nigeria Telecommunication is currently running update on SIM card/line registration across the country.  I found out that so many people are in the state of dilemma whether their SIM line is been registered or Does their SIM need to be register?

But to make it fast and stop your confusion below I have listed how to check if MTN SIM is registered & Activate free Airtime. Let me start by showing you how to know if your MTN SIM needs to be registered.


How Do I know My MTN SIM Needs To Be Registered?

There are three ways you will use to confirm this, which are;

  1. MTN will send you a text messages (some times up to 2-3 times) informing you to go to the nearest MTN SIM Registration outlet around your area to do your sim registration before the sim will be blocked from any kind of transaction.
  2. Another way to inform you is by calling you.
  3. The last option is by reminding you each time you dial any sim number

Please note that in this ongoing mtn sim registration you are not expected to carry out the registration on the road-said. Make sure locating the accredited centers for MTN SIM Registration. IF not, you sim is still not registered!


How to check if MTN SIM is Registered

There are two ways to confirm if your MTN sim card has been registered, this includes:

  • A Confirmation Message From MTN – MTN will send you a confirmation message after doing the registration informing you that your sim has been registered.
  • Use A Self Service – you can help yourself by Sending  “REG” as a message to “789”.


How To Activate free Airtime / Call Credit Given By MTN for Sim Registration

The MTN Nigeria Telecommunication already understand how stressful this excises will turn out to be and they have mapped out  ways of compensating their subscribers with indefinite amount. Some people where awarded free call credit/airtime of N2,000, N5,000, N10,000 and even N20,000, respectively…  Of which  I was given N5,000.

One good benefit about this is that the free call credit can be used to call any network of your choice. But you can’t use it for data bundle subscription nether is it transferable. So the free credit is only meant for you to use (Call) alone.

Now after you have successful registered your sim card, now you can activate the free credit by dialing *559*40# before you can start using it. Please note that you are meant to use up your free airtime (no matter the amount given to you) within 7days you activated it.


In case you still have any question or doubt – use the comment box below.


  1. I have registered my sim but still can not use my free airtime of 1000

  2. I bought a new MTN sim and i try dialing the *141# to activate it but it doesn’t work. The 173 call center number too does not work . Anyone to help me activate the new sim. Thanks

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