How to Monitor Glo Data Usage Online – See your Data Use Report

Indeed Glo is the Baba for Data” those on Yakata Plan will testify more to that. But that because you have so much data that you can even share with isn’t a credible reason for misuse or mismanagement of data plan perhaps remaining data for the month can still be rollover to the next month making you banking on large amount of data. Therefore, you can manage and minitor your Glo Data Usage.

If you have been using Glo for your internet access then you should have known that there are several ways of consumming Glo Data Plans; By personal usage and by sharing data with upto 5-Glo sims.

The good news is that Glo provides a database (portal) for you to checkmate how data is been used on daily bases, monthly and yearly. Also allows you see the list of number you shared data with and how each numbers consumes their portions.

Take for instance that you have shared your data with your workers or family and firnds – you should definatly monitor how the usage goes.

And that is exactly what this page is all about “Showing you how to mitor Glo data Usages from online”.

So you don’t have to start queuing in any Glo care center or calling customer care number for this, because the same thing said on this page they will also be telling you.

Also – See how to Subscribe, Unsubscribe from Glo Yakata – Also, Yakata Call rate, Data Usage rate, etc

How to Monitor Glo Data Usage Online

please follow the rules or guide here to check Glo Data Usage or your number or/and numbers you may have shared data with.

  1. First and foremost, ensure that the Glo sim in you subscribed with is inside the modem or Wifi you’re using to browse.

    NOTE: It won’t work If you have shared a wifi connection to the computer you want to use and Monitor Glo Data Usage Online. This means that without the sim being directly connected to the device it won’t work.

    So if you’re using a Mifi without the sim or with a shared sim then you have to remove the present sim and insect the subscriber sim.

  2. Lo go to the Glo Data Checker portal – or click here to open page now
  3. There is no registration or login process to do. Just sit back and relax while the online page opens.
  4. You will automatically see your Glo Phone number (which is in the modem or MiFi or Wifi) display on the page.

    Image to check Glo Data Usage

    From this image; you can see the phone number sharing data to other numbers, also below the “Your Subscriptions” are the Glo Yakata Subscriptions and its bonuses. You can check the arrow forward and backward to see others.

    Please Note: It doesn’t matter the plan you are in, checking of Glo Data Usage is for all categories of Glo Sims and all categories of Glo Packages for as long as the phone has data then you will have a report for it.

  5. You should see what your main number has used so far from here. Also, see image below;
    Check data usage 3 Image

From here, you can check Glo data balance, cancel and activate a new data subscription on your sim.

Now you see how to check your data plan record, let’s proceed to how you can check for those you shared data with.

How to check to know who uses more data

How to Monitor Glo Data Usage Online - See your Data Use Report 1
  • When you enter the page as explained above
  • click on “Account”
  • then come a little down and click on ‘Shared Plans”
  • Now Below are list of numbers I have shared my data with.

You can as well add more numbers from here. But the number must be a maximum of 5 Glo numbers only.


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