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How to Vote The Voice Nigeria Best Contestant via Mobile

How to Vote The Voice Nigeria Best Contestant
How to Vote The Voice Nigeria Best Contestant via Mobile

As we all know that The Voice Nigeria is a Talent Show TV Series game show that happens every year. As the show go tougher the contestants needed people to VOTE for them to WIN and that is US setting and watching them as they perform. So I think its very important to let you know how to Vote The Voice Nigeria best contestant to emerge the winner.

There are two (2) ways you can vote your favourite contestant to keep on and remain on the Voice Nigeria until becomes the winner of the game.

  • You can Vote your favourite through SMSing (Sending Text Message via Mobile Phone)
  • You can also Vote your favourite through WeChat Apps (if installed and registered in your Phone) – Read More HERE


How to Vote The Voice Nigeria Best Contestant

You may already have chosen your favourite, or perhaps you’re biding your time to see how they do in front of a massive audience in the moment. Either way, now you can help your favourite talent reach the end of The Voice Nigeria by voting!

  • Vote your favourite through SMSing (Sending Text Message via Mobile Phone)

Its through your VOTING that your voice is heard by SMSing the number of the talent (contestant) you want to win to this shortcode: 33120 – the unique talent numbers will be revealed in the live show on Sundays.

That is for example, If after or during performing and JOHN and JOY has performed, and JOHN’s talent number is 002, While JOY’s talent number is 104. Because you love how JOHN perform and you want to vote him to win. All you do is;

->> go to your mobile phone to create new sms

->> type is talent code 002 SEND to 33120

Please note that I just game you an example using JOHN 002 and JOY 104. But the Sandby Number to send your best contestant is 33120.

SMS votes cost N50 per SMS.

  • How to Vote your favourite through WeChat Apps

In this step you will need to download WeChat Messenger App on your smartphone –

->> then add the ID ‘AfricaMagicTV’,

->> select the vote option and register for voting using your One Time Pin. Voting on WeChat is free.

But note that data charges may be apply

How to Registering to Vote on The Voice Nigeria WeChat with a One Time Pin:

  1. Firstly, you will need to complete the steps listed above in downloading WeChat to your smart phone, and adding WeChat AfricaMagicTV as a contact – following the AfricaMagicTV official account.
  2. Then, from the Africa Magic Official Account, click on the ‘vote’ tab.
  3. You will be asked to validate your phone number. Simply, type your phone number with the international code, example +23112223333
  4. You will receive a unique code via SMS – this is called a One Time Pin. Type this code in the WeChat account and you will be registered.
  5. Then click on the ‘vote’ tab again, and you will be ready to vote.

Please note that Voting opens after the live Sunday night show and closes on Wednesdays at 22:00 WAT. You can vote 100 times on each platform per vote period.


The Voice Nigeria T.V SCHEDULE, Date and Time

The Voice Nigeria airs at 19:00 WAT on Africa Magic Showcase DStv Channel 151 and on Africa Magic Urban DStv Channel 153.

So Now your Voice is the one that counts!

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