List of Pay TV Services in African (Nigeria)

List of Pay TV Services in African – We shall be listing the popular Pay TV Services in Nigeria, mostly use in African. But you have to note that as they varies so their advantages varies over each others. However, more Pay TV companies are still coming to establish in African . So here are List of Pay TV Services in Nigeria (African)  so far.

list of paid tv service in african

Here are List of Pay TV Services You can Find in African


DSTV’s cable tv is really a great service brought to Nigeria by Multichoice and it has really helped people see what’s happening around the world rather than being stuck with local tv stations and so I won’t say it has not been helpful. The website is


Gotv is a pay TV service offered in Africa by Multichoice Africa. Unlike the other pay TV service from Multichoice Africa (DSTV), which is satellite based, Gotv is terrestrial digital TV service.

So, no need for a dish and ceremonial installation, leading to reduced access cost.

Gotv is currently available in select cities in Nigeria, Zambia, Uganda, Ghana, Malawi, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Kenya. You can access them at

StarTimes TV

This is another TV service that can serve as an alternative to your DSTV. Startimes TV is a prepaid PAYTV that works with a dish and decoder that allows you to watch some local Nigeria TV as well as some select international TV channels.

It currently offer one of the cheapest Pay TV plans in Nigeria from as low as N1000 per month. Their channels include TBN, Iqra, Nat Geo Gold, Crime Explorer, NBA TV, Aljazeera, Setanta, France 24, Nickelodeon, E! Entertainment, MGM, MSNBC, MTV Base, NTA Entertainment, NTA 24 News, BET, Silverbird, CCTV News and so on. StarTimes is popular in Nigeria. Website is at


MyTV is also a cool PAY tv service. Channels on MYTV include AIT, Aljazeera, BBC World, BET, Eurosports, MyTV Hausa, MyTV Yoruba, NTA and others. Website is at

Trend TV

Trend TV is a growing Pay TV service also available to Nigerians who want something a bit different from DSTV. Channels available on Trend TV are Nollywood Movies, Nollywood Movies+, CTL Africa, The African dance channel, Africa comedy channel, Ngozi(Igbo channel), Fumilayo(Yoruba channel), Lest We forget, EWTN, Aljazeera and others. Their website is at

Multi TV

Multi TV is a privately owned satellite television station based in Ghana. The station offers a variety of news, sports and entertainment channel in digital format. It was sent up in 2009 by the Multimedia Group Limited.

Multi TV is a Free to Air Satellite Television, the first of its kind in West Africa. It is free to air, and you don’t need to pay anyone any monthly subscription. Presently, they have 10 channels comprising of the following – Joy TV, Joy News, Joy Sports, Hitz TV, Cine Afrik, 4Kids, Jesus Channel, TV3/GTV, Nhyra TV and of course CNN/BBC. There are two more channels coming soon – Adom TV and Real TV.

On the same satellite, (which is Astra 2b) you can also pick another channel called CRTV which is also a very entertainment channels though with a lot of bias for Christian religion, there is also LMTV with lots of bias for music. Their website is


Daarsat is the direct to home DTH pay TV subsidiary of Daar communications a leading media group in Nigeria and owners of AIT TV and Raypower FM. This is a review of Daarsat DTH/cable TV network. In this page, you will find information on Daarsat full HD PVR decoders, channels, packages, prices and dealers.

Though there are still newer Pay-TV companies which we haven’t mentioned here. Time to come we keep updating this page.

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