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PayPal Nigeria Account Sign Up for Verification | www.PayPal.com

Logo - PayPal Nigeria Account Sign Up

PayPal is one of the best online recommended payment solution even though they are yet to enable all features for some countries like Nigeria for example.  But for now the PayPal Nigeria Account Sign Up for Verification is supper easy and fast to complete all you need is a proper guide to put you through.

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Before going into how to open PayPal Nigeria Account and verify your paypal account after registration, you need to understand the following:

  • that creating PayPal account is free.
  • when your account is fully verifies you can only purchase or pay for item via paypal online.
  • No means of legal withdraw from paypal to local account (Nigeria Back Account).

Many thinks that paypal account is a medium of making money online, without understanding properly that its just a medium of making and receiving payment from online to local account. Account opening is free and easy to open use the steps below;

Step-by-step On PayPal Nigeria Account Sign Up

  1. Visit www.paypal.com
  2. click “Sign Up”
  3. Fill the form and click continue. Note the first paypal registration form requires your country, email address and password.
  4. So when you click continue, there you see the main form. Where you have to provide your name, home address, type of account you want to open.
  5. Now after filing the form, you have to login to your email address to verify your “PayPal Nigeria Account Sign Up

At this point you have succeeded to open new Paypal account for your self or business, but not over yet… Now you have to make sure you have money in your card. You can use your Naira matercard, visa credit or debit card, or any other card you have as long as its connected to your account and there is money in your account/card.

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Now, link your Paypal account with your card and authorize PayPal to take $1 from your account (which will still be refunded back to you after the verification process).

This is to prove that the bank account with card belongs to you. and after all that the money will still be transfer back into your account.

Once you are done then you will receive message from PayPal that your account is fully verified and you can use it for any of your online transactions.



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