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Processes And Requirements Of Becoming An MMM Guider

The popular Nigerian money-doubling scheme, Mavrodi Mondial Money (MMM) regularly recruits and trains what they call “Guiders” into the system. These “Guiders” play a vital role in the sustainability of the MMM scheme. Owing to the accruable benefits, many MMM participants wish to become Guiders. However, to become one, you must know the Processes And Requirements Of Becoming An MMM Guider.

Functions Of An MMM Guider

The function of an MMM Guider is varied and specific. Some of the functions and obligations of a Guider include:

  • They convey the idea and ideology of MMM to people.
  • Share valuable knowledge about MMM and how it works to the people.
  • Invite new members to join MMM by organizing Seminars/Presentation.
  • Advise and assist participants of the Community when they have some difficulties (including logging problems, unblocking of MMM accounts, hacked and compromised account, transnational issues, etc) .
  • They contact participants (not all the time) about attending to their orders or confirming payments.
  • Only guiders have the possibility to register participants straight from their own PO (Personal Office).
  • Guiders are in direct contact with the Administration of MMM and the Coordinators of MMM in various countries which gives the opportunity to the MMM Leaders to take part in shaping the future of the MMM Community and the Whole World!

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Processes And Requirements Of Becoming An MMM Guider

To become an MMM-Guider, there are processes and procedures you must adhere to. There are also other requirements you must meet up to before enrolling for the Guiders school. The MMM School of Guiders opens from time to time. To  have a chance of qualifying, here are the Processes And Requirements Of Becoming An MMM Guider.

  1. Register to become a guider by filling the Registration Form whenever it is announced.
  2. You MUST have a functional Skype Account. (as the Guider’s School is practically run on a Skype Group online).
  3. You must have strong enough internet connection and data for the duration of the School.
  4. You MUST have Voice (with a microphone) and Video features available on your Computer Systems (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet).
  5. Search for “Gotomeeting Software”, download it and install on your chosen system.
  6. Search for “Screencast-O-Matic” Software”, download it and install on your chosen system.
  7. You MUST have Bitcoin wallet with a Bitcoin Address.
  8. Participant Must have a gmail account, as you will be required to setup a YouTube Channel and share your tasks on the Google Drive platform.
  9. You need to have a Facebook Account, as you will be required to set up a Facebook Group.
  10. You need to make out time as the School is run over 10 days, with online conference meeting everyday in the evenings.

Benefits Of Attending MMM Guiders’ School

There are many benefits that accrue to MMM Guiders. You can also be among the people benefitting from this opportunity. They include:

  1. You will know more about MMM and the way it works.
  2. Meet the top leaders of MMM Global, have lessons with them and be guided by them.
  3. Find out different ways of working in social networks and how to approach people.
  4. Learn how to tackle difficult situation that might come on your way.
  5. Know how to create your own Youtube channel and organize it properly.
  6. How to create and record your own videos — easy and fun.
  7. Think strategically and plan in a long-term prospect.
  8. Work in a team.
  9. And the most important thing: you will learn how to be real Leaders!

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What are you waiting for? Get these requirements ready for the next opportunity. You can be the next big surprise. Being an MMM Guider is a sure way to financial liberation. To be prepared is to be half-successful. Drop your questions below and we shall attend to you. Thank you.

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