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SignUp Quickteller Account | Download Quickteller App

If you are struggling to signup Quickteller account, then, you are in the right place. Truly, learning how to Sign up a Quickteller Account and how to download the app can be a little difficult if the following steps are not applied correctly during registration and transaction process. As a result, we want to be your guide and lead you through the processes so you get it right.

Quickteller is an online and offline platform where transaction such as transfer of funds, payment of bills such as utility and school fees bill, purchase of airtime, the request of a loan and many more can be done. A lot of platforms use the Quickteller platform for many purposes as a result, having your own account is very necessary.

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Quickteller has lots of benefits. Apart from using it to do the functions we have listed above, you can also use it to earn some referral bonuses when someone registers and Sign Up with Quickteller account through your referral link. At this modern age, Quickteller is useful and important for anyone that perform transactions on daily basis, with this platform you can perform your online transaction with ease and at your own comfort.

How To SignUp Quickteller Account

Here are the steps you will need to create your Quickteller account easily.

  1.  Log on to
  2. Click on Sign Up at the top right of your screen.
  3.  Provides all the required information such as your First and Second Name, Email Address, Mobile Number, a Strong and Personal Password (keep your password secret) and Referral (either the person Email or Mobile Number), then Click continue.
  4. Proceed to your email to get your activation code to activate.
  5. Verify your phone number for e-wallet set up by clicking on the continue button.
  6. A verification code be will be sent to your phone number, click continue to complete your e-wallet verification process.
  7.  Select four digit as your secret e-wallet cash pin and continue.
  8.  Congratulations you have successfully Sign up a Quickteller account at this point and your e-wallet activated.
After signing up for Quickteller account, the next step will be to download the app for ease and efficient usage.

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How To Download Quickteller App

Quickteller can be used on Androids Phones, Blackberry Phones, Windows Phones, and IOS Devices. So, you can also easily download them on these different platforms, depending on the one you have and use.

Androids Phones

Steps for downloading Quickteller App on Androids Phones

  • Open your google play store on your phone.
  • Search for Quickteller App on the search space.
  • Click on download.
  • Install the App on your phone and open.
  • Your Quickteller App is ready for use after the last procedure.

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For Windows, Blackberry & iOS Devices

The processes is more or less the same. IOS, Windows and Blackberry phones open Apple Store, Windows Store, and Blackberry store and follow the procedure outlined above to get your Quickteller App download on your devices.

You can also click the link below to download the App to your phones.


You can perform an online transaction anytime, anywhere and at your own convenient time when you have the Quickteller App download and install on your mobile devices. So, create Quickteller Account, download the mobile app and have all the features to yourself.


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