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SKYPE Login Account on Mobile | How To Sign In SKYPE Account using Mobile Phone | www.skype.com

Skype is a well known instant-messaging app for mobile phones and computers,  providing online text message and video chat services.  It allows users to transmit both text and video messages and may exchange digital documents such as images, text, and video. Then coming to video conference call they are the best so far. 

As matter of fact if you are use to watching CNN, BBC,  and other top TV station, you see them use SKYPE App to connecting multiple people to communicate at the same time. The Good about all this is that the App is meant for both individual use and Business or company use.

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Skype call Feature

The Skype calling features is available in two phrases: it is either you do a SKYPE to SKYPE call – which means you call or receive calls from your skype contacts for free. While the other is Skype to phone number call, this feature need you to purchase what is called “Skype credit” which allows you to make your calls at a very low rate. Learn how to get the voucher for skype call here.

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Skype Video and Audio conference call

This feature also works just the way the “skype call feature” as explained. But another about this is that you can connect as many people as possible and every one can decide either to make it a video conference call or audio (every one has control on that).

Skype is also included among the hundred ways to make video calls without an App, because if you want to do that then you have to visit www.skype.com and login then you will see your contact (or add new contact at once) then start making video conference call without downloading app.

Where To Use Skype App

There are various ways/devices Skype can be used, below are they:

  • use through the web, that is web-application (you really do not have to download any app here, all that is needed is to login using your username and password. Or better still create new account if you are new. Click here to learn how to create free skype account for business or Personal.
  • Use Skype on Mobile phones – using it on your Android, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Windows phone and some smart phones that has the capacity of using the app.
  • TV and Apple Watch – There are still smart-TV out there that has skype app enabled in it. Also Apply watch, it may look small but has a great capacity to use skype, wechat, whatsapp and other popular app for instant messaging and video calling.
  • Desktop and Laptop computers – Also you can comfortably use it on this devices (not new hearing that).

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Skype Website – www.skype.com

The skype official website is “www.skype.com” on the site it also contains the same features as the app does. Meaning your can do video call, share files or Doc, share location, share screening, do instant messaging, etc.


Full Guide On SKYPE Login Account on Mobile

If you have decided to use skype on your mobile phone then you have to

  1. 1st download the app from your App store (every Smart phone has its own App store), after downloading, if you already have your login details then click on login
  2. enter either your user name, or email address, then click nextLogo: skype login
  3. also enter your password then click signinskype login2
  4. Now you wait a little while for your account to get confirmed.
  5. After this you will see that your account has been confirmed and you have successfully Sign In SKYPE Account using Mobile Phone.

skype signin logo

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