How To Register A School In Nigeria

Education is important to the shaping of a nation’s future, influences international perception of the nation and guides the direction of the country in subsequent generations. Schools are channels through which the education is acquired. It is needful to therefore know How To Register A School In Nigeria without much stress. The processes are broken down easily for your convenience.

How To Register A School In Nigeria is meant to be accessible. This will ensure that prospective school owners are well acquitted with the processes so they do not get hung up in the way. Individuals are also encouraged to open schools to make education accessible even to the poorest of the society. So, read on and know what is required of you to open a school.

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How To Register A School In Nigeria

  1. The first step is to decide the name of the school you intend opening. You should also have two other alternatives should the one you chose is already chosen.
  2. Go to a nearby Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). You will be given a form to fill. Fill in the proposed name of the school for verification.
  3. You will pay a service fee of #500. The verification will take 2 weeks.
  4. After the two weeks verification, if the proposed name is taken, you will undergo another verification paying another #500.
  5. Once you have gotten a verified school name, you will be given a registration form. This form will require you to fill in the following
    • The Name of the school
    • The address of the school
    • The names of the school owners
    • The addresses of the school owners
    • Two passport photographs of the school owners
  6. Submit the filled form and pay a token of #4000.
  7. You will be issued a Certificate Of Business Name Registration. You are done with the school registration and you are free to operate your school as you want.

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The processes of registering a school are outlined for you. All you need to do is just to locate the school address and build up the structure before going through the processes on How To Register A School In Nigeria. Thank you.

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