Canadian Job Listing Websites For Hiring Foreign Workers

Finding jobs in various industries in Canada is almost unimaginable especially when you do not have people in Canada to apply and monitor the job application for you. Similar risk to thinking about using an agent.

But this post will change your belief, about applying for jobs in Canada.

As a foreign person, you should understand that it’s possible to apply for jobs in Canada and get an invitation to come over and resume duty. Learn the complete 6 steps here.

The process varies, depending on the Canadian Industries hiring foreign workers. For example, some Canadian recruiters in search of foreign workers give the privilege to bring the family along, plus other benefits later discuses on this page.

In order to get accurate information, we found it imperative to give a simple and comprehensive list of Canadian Job listing websites – they are known for listing available Canadian jobs for foreign workers.

You may be surprised we haven’t listed LinkedIn and Indeed websites – these are also great websites that list jobs from around the world, but for the seek of those job seekers who may not know how to find international jobs on those pages.

Canadian Job Listing Websites

Canada’s JobBank is our #1 pick — it is the official Canadian government website for a job listing. There are still more details on the site; not just listing. The website is user-friendly in the aspect of searching for jobs in Canada and the application process.

What we like about

  • It has a simple search box to enter the nature of jobs to search for.
  • The site provides in-depth information about listing jobs and other information needed to be aware of — like visa applications, and more.
  • Getting a Canada job alert is free, no payment is required.

What we don’t like about

  • Entry the site for the first time you may think job listing is only limited to some fields like Health, Agriculture, Retail and wholesaling, and Food services


Indeed is the largest job listing directory hosting over 150 million resumes, including company career pages and professional associations. There is a consistent job posting on Indeed both for local and global recruitment (and vicarious opportunities).

What we like about Indeed:

  • Jobs list is almost endless.
  • You get complete details about any job you want to apply for.
  • Indeed has different versions of its website for every country — Indeed for Canada is

What we like about Indeed:

  • Due to too many jobs, it could land you in a confused state, when you don’t know how to access information in Indeed.

Very similar to Indeed — has also become a global job listing website providing current job opportunities and Industry news in Canada, and across the world. Another good feature it offers is proving career advice. The office is located in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

CareerBuilder offers platform to upload your resume or build a fresh one if you don’t have.

What we like about CareerBuilder:

  • Simple and straightforward website.
  • Provides top companies hiring, to simplify your job search.

What we don’t like about CareerBuilder:

  • Nothing really! will be a perfect place to search for jobs in Canada if you can’t find your way around the top job listing sites like Indeed, Kijiji, Juju, etc. made it easy for you to use its platform to still get the whole jobs listed on over 1000 job directories.

What we like about SimplyHired:

  • Provides vast options by pulling more information from other Canadian Job listing websites

What we don’t like about SimplyHired

Nothing really!


Workopolis is a naturally designed blog for job search. The platform gives you the opportunity to type in the job type or its category. By inputting a keyword, you get a lot of options to select from.

There isn’t an option to signup or submit resumes on Workopolis, that’s the reason we see it as an actual blog to search latest jobs in Canada.

What we like about Workopolis:

  • Simple to use.
  • No time-wasting, Workopolis provides a direct link for employers to start your applications.
  • The search bar makes it easier to find any kind of job and locations you want the job.

What we don’t like about Workopolis:

  • No option to subscribe to a job alert.
  • The simplicity of the job listing site could make it ignored by some jobseekers


Eluta is known to have large database of employers in Canada and one of the top Canadian based job search engine. On daily bases, over 10,000 employers post latest job recruitment in Canada. It provides job seekers the opportunity to sign up for email alerts that notify them of new jobs that match their search criteria.

What we like about Eluta:

  • Simple to navigate.
  • It is a Canadian based job listing engine.

What we don’t like about Eluta:

  • Nothing really to point out for now.


LinkedIn shouldn’t be discounted among the top Canadian Job Listing Websites for hiring foreign workers, LinkedIn is an opportunity to gain direct contact with your future potential employers and build connections with a wider network.

Hold on, do you know that your LinkedIn profile acts as your résumé, allowing you to access and share career-related material with ease?

There are endless opportunities to engage professionals and influential figures in your area to provide recommendations to you. But then you MUST build your LinkedIn profile for such opportunities to come your way. See this article to learn how.

What we like about LinkedIn:

  • The site allows you to find jobs not only through direct employer listings but also through communication with your extended network.
  • Your profile account already serves as your resume for employment.

What we don’t like about LinkedIn:

  • Nothing really awful about LinkedIn.


ZipRecruiter is another great Job listing website that list and arranges jobs base on jobs near you. You can also find jobs outside your area though. It is known to be a leading online employment marketplace and a NYSE-listed company (ZIP). So when it comes to finding what suits your career, ZipRecruiter got you covered.

What we like about ZipRecruiter:

  • The website looks so advanced and convincing that users can get their dream job with full assistance from the ZipRecruiter administrators.

What we don’t like about ZipRecruiter:

  • Nothing really!

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How to Utilize the Canadian Job Listing Websites

Make sure to have taken the time to polish your CV professionally to increase your chances of landing a new job in Canada. Your career is a highly significant enterprise, and your CV and online profiles are the marketing materials for this enterprise, as they speak more volumes about you.

Some of these Canadian Job listing Websites For Hiring Foreign Workers to provide a somewhat different experience and set of advantages, it might be wise to register and set up alerts with more than one.

Additionally, don’t discount alternative approaches to job search, like attending in-person networking events, contacting old coworkers, attending job fairs, and more.

Use the comment box below if you have furthermore questions as regards these Canadian Job listing websites’ functionalities of providing your dream jobs in Canada.

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